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Is Quick Fix Still Safe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by viper98, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. I recently got an unexpected call from a casino i applied to months ago to come in for an interview. This is a HUGE opportunity for me as I will be working in the IT department (I'm a second year IT student), and my pay would almost double what i earn now. 
    The problem is that to get this job i have to get my gaming licence which requires a drug test (urine I'm assuming, if anyone has gotten a PA gaming licence and knows, inform me!)
    I stopped smoking the day i got the call for the interview, but that was only about a week ago! I'm going in on Friday for a second interview where I assume they will tell me to go to a local clinic and get the drug test done. I've come to the conclusion that in order to pass im going to have to substitute my urine in order to pass.
    Doing my research i came across Quick Fix synthetic urine. It looks easy enough and i have no doubt i could use it, but i have been reading that the testing companies have started to pick up on the synthetic urine and will fail you just as if you tested positive. 
    My question is whether or not Quick Fix is still safe to use for a lab drug test? I have batch P3KK-13
    if anyone has happened to use this batch already.
    If theres a better type of synthetic out there then let me know!
    Is Quick Fix synthetic urine still safe to use for a lab drug screen, or is there a better alternative?

  2. Honestly It seems to me you got about 2-3 more weeks before actual drug test. I recently got a new job at a huge Fortune 500 Company. Downtown chicago. So i thought i would have to stop smoking.  they didnt even drug test. but their poicies say they do. youd be amazed how many employers dont even text for marijuana use anymore. 
    anyways. you got 2 weeks to do ALOT of excersise and drink tons of water. thats what i did . heavy smoker okay body. sober in 2 weeks.)the home test kits) Hope that made sense [7]
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    Well I'm fairly positive i don't have that long. The second interview on friday is with the HR department and is used to start applying for my gaming licence. Because getting your gaming licence is a pretty expensive activity for them i would assume they would want to rule out all of us "bad potheads" before starting. 
    I have been working out and drinking massive amount of water/cranberry juice but I was a pretty heavy smoker up until a few days ago when i got that call, and i don't see myself getting clean before that. 
    I'm also almost positive they will test for all drugs possible. With this licence it gives me permission to access electronics that are mandatory for their 15+ million dollar per day business. 
    In the end if i do have the time to get clean ill definitely use my own, but if i don't have that kind of time i would like to know if Quick Fix would work in a bind.
  4. My homie used The quick fix to get a job at pepboys about 4 mounths back if that helps any...
    they just made him go to a clinic get it done.  If you use it and you don't pass, they might make you take the test again, and since you've been detoxing you might have better chance of passing.
    sorry I can't be of more help.

    -best of luck.
  5. Ive used it 5 times and had 5 successful tests. Make sure you follow the directions, wear tall socks and stuff it in your sock. Legally they cant watch you so if they try that shit call them out on it.

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