Is Pythium Contracted to Humans

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    If I maintain my hydro system by hand, is there a chance of contracting pythium (or another bacterial infection) from infected roots or stagnated water, in other words can it be contracted to humans and what is the degree of severity ?

  2. I wish I had a scientific response for ya but I also never wear gloves and do everything by hand. I don't have sensitivity to cleaners or chemicals and don't have any problems although I joke around that I probably won't be able to have kids anymore. Lol

    But I still have a head full of hair and a clean bill of health even though I live underneath giant ass power lines.
  3. Me too, But 2 months ago I had an insatiable itch on my three middle fingers of both hands, thought nothing of it, then 2 months later it got more and more red and itchy, it developed into a pustule rash on my back of hands and in between my fingers , then it turned into an "ID REACTION" on my forearms, for the most part the arms are 90% clear , but my hands look like I have a bacterial infection, I always cleaned my reservoir by hand with one of those absorption towels and wring out by hand (STUPID ME) . I found some fluconazole and it seems to help . This is a bitch, I never had any skin problems in my 52 years, I dont have athletes foot, nor jock itch, which is synonymous with ID REACTION, I cant explain it except for picking this up from my reservoir
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    Wow man I feel for you that sucks! I'm probably going to start wearing gloves but whenever I use spray containing chemicals that start with py, I always make sure to wash/flush my hands immediately afterwards. I have never had reactions but I bet if I was exposed to enough for long enough time I would. I don't like to let chems dry on me.

    I also wear eyeglasses so I have 24/7 built in protection (to an extent). But I only use azamax for pests (in rez and on plants in veg if need) and I have also used gognats and with a sprayer it's unavoidable to get those chems on my hands plus the mist of them in the surrounding air. I'm sure it's not good but like the bottles say just make sure afterwards you get fresh air and rinse anyplace you came into contact with real good.
  5. I know this thread doesn't exactly pertain to growing in hydro, But the results that I have on my hands are surely from growing in a hydro environment.

    I can say this for a fact, if your not going to take the necessary safety precautions when handling stagnated water and these nuted chemicals, then you shouldnt be growing, I wouldnt wish this on an enemy, I keep DIAL antibiotic soap end GERMX everywhere since this happened, I wish there was a shot for this. I'm also using tinactic cream on my hands as well as taking oral anti-bacterial drugs, its been 2 months (AT LEAST) and the progress is slow, I refuse to take a picture of this because I never want to be reminded of this experience .


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