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Is pot a drug poll??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by akgreenteam, Jan 20, 2004.


Is weed a drug????

  1. no way-------its pot!!!!

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  2. Yes weed is a drug....

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  3. I can't make up my mind....

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  1. So tell us all if you think pot is a drug or not!!!!!
  2. no.

    its a way of life.
  3. Sure but I heard a lot of people say that weed is a gateway drug but I can't give a good awnser to prove my point. Iv'e done a lot of other drugs and don't think smoking pot is at all related. And if smoking pot is a gateway drug then wouldn't smoking cigarettes be a gateway drug to smoking pot?????
  4. its as much of as a drug as nutmeg, oregano, kava, rosemary, bananas, coco, etc.

    so uhh... yeah.

    is it a "narcotic".... no. it does not fit the dictionary definition. not in my dictionary anyways.
  5. Weed isn't a drug. It's an enhancer. I love it. LOVE IT.
    Heroine is a drug. Marijuana is my friend.
  6. Cannabis is a plant, an herb which contains a drug. There's no denying that cannibinoids (THC) are drugs. You could fairly say, for short, that weed is a drug. You could also fairly say it isn't, but it contains a drug. Regardless of how you WANT to look at it, it is what it is.

    But is THC a bad drug? Well I don't think that needs an answer here... ;)

  7. You guys are f*ckin awsome. thanks NtothePtotheK I never looked at it like that though.... This place is tight because questions are answered every time.
  8. I think it is a drug, because it is a substance that alters your state of mind. not a bad drug tho....
  9. Of course it's a drug, would you smoke it if it didn't get you high?? It's not a bad drug though, as we all know.
  10. yes it is a drug, but so is caffeinie, nicotine, and damn near everything else. Like digit said, I wouldnt classify it as a narcotic.
  11. How is weed not a drug? It gets you high! it's a drug!
  12. marijuanas not a drug, i used to suck dick for coke...

  13. great movie.

    i think its a drug but definelty not a bad one...
  14. its not a drug its a flower
  15. Hell ya I love half baked!!!!!!! bob sagot, what a good part for him to play!!!!
  16. caffine comes from plants, would you not say that caffine is a drug ??

    there is no question that cannabis is a drug. narcotic no, killer no.

    and it tastes nice :)
  17. half baked is funny movie

    i think its not a drug but a life anhancer when i was 13 i went to school stoned for a week and i leaned 10 times better my marks went from 50-71 to 79-100 and i preferd the pot way anyways lol
  18. i always thought drug was like just a name, so it doesnt necesarily represent everything thats refered to as a drug...and that marijuana was just labeled a drug, but i wouldnt consider it one at all. when i think of "drug" i think of something like man made snythetic or whatever

  19. Na a drug is something that alters biological function and can be naturally occuring or synthetically made. There really is no debate here cause it is what it is, and we all think it's still great!
  20. pot is a non geneticley modified substance thus making it gods creation, we r gods creation to making weed pure & natural and for evreyone to enjoy.....

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