Is possible to do a Guerrilla in a place like this

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  1. The place i live is infested by all kind of cannabis predators, such dears, horses, cows, rabbits and snails.
    Is a very wind and sandy soil place.
    I have no other locations to grow it so, i can't grow at home because of my parents i will post some photos of the place here.
    There's also some trees and bushes when would be possible to hang some pots i would say.
    The photos are in the PDF

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  2. It's the only spot you have? Then, it's perfect.

    Doesn't offer much cover. Plants could be seen from a distance.
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  3. I have places who are more isolateted, those photos was only to show the type of vegetation.
    I'm planning to grow auto ducks, probably in some pots hanged in the trees, since in the ground there's was too much much predators for the plants.
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    NOT your property? You would have to come & go unnoticed???, water? too much wind? Possible yes, optimum conditions no. it'd suck to do all that work & have the smell give you away & get busted or have someone steal it. Hanging pots sound way to visable? but a good idea? carry it in & burry it, less to do when there? You know the area. good luck.
  5. The area is a natural park, nobody have it, there's some fences in a lot of those places to people don't get in and the animals don't just cross the bike lanes running.
    Where i'm going to grow is also more or less legal to grow, so is not a big a of a legal issue.
    I also have a drone, but today was way too windy, to frly with it. But of course i will do a reccon of the area with it before plant anything there for sure.
    I asso don't have much tools, to go with, just a foldable saw, a prunnig scissor, and i'm going to buy a small shovel for sure, the majority of those shurbs are also very spike, and there so places with heavy cluters of it, so one possibility is to go with a nice thick jacket, boots and good pairs of heavy jeans over my normal pants, and made a small hole to get inside of the cluster, clean there and plant there, i guess is also an option, and like i said plant in pots with good soil, not in the ground who is bassicaly sand.
  6. I'd take the side that a guerilla grow has a better chance at success growing plants in the ground vs in pots, hanging or otherwise
  7. Trespass & growing cannabis on fed or state land??? Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. please be careful.
  8. I got busted growing on federal lands 25 or so years ago....ended up pleading out and got community service and drug rehab classes. 4k or so in fines.
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  9. get your own place if you are over 18yo, then you do your thing
  10. Since you say you have a foldable saw but no shovel and your parents won't let you grow at home then wait a few years until you grow up to grow pot. In the meantime, instead of thinking about plentiful free weed you can sell and smoke, try to fill your daydreams with visions of university or trade school where you prepare for your future role as provider.

    Growing in a remote location is a challenge, it's harder than you imagine and it'll cost you more than you think, especially in a place like that where you'll need to be out there every few days hauling water. Is that your parents walking along the highway in the background? I doubt you even have a car. I know at your age waiting is hard but there are things you can do now that will make you a better grower when your time is right. Start a vegetable garden from seed and you'll learn the basics of growing and wait until you see the look on your parents' faces when you take an interest in a responsible grown-up activity. If you appear to be responsible they'll be less hesitant about doling out the cash it'll take for you to learn a marketable skill. No skill, empty pockets. Empty pockets, no pussy. That should be reason enough to grow tomatoes instead of daydreaming your time away thinking about free weed.

    If there are cows, there will be someone looking after them. I'm sure there are a few secluded spots further away from the highway but someone's going to notice your car parked by the highway every few days and they'll be curious about what you're doing out there. And the highway patrol likes to write down plate numbers of suspicious cars.

    Or you could try farming snails, I hear they can be pretty tasty. You could trade snails for pot
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  11. We used to toss seeds 1975... ANYWHERE there was secluded OR open farm type areas, rr tracks, dads backyard etc. that we could reach from a car window,lol. with no real intention of harvesting them UNLESS they bloomed.
  12. Hey Bak. Something I always wanted to try & am now too old, feel free to run with it. Find a spot with water during your grow, it doesn't have to be year round, a swamp, irrigation ditch, sump, certain plants/trees only grow near water so know your area & vegetation. I was thinking of a swamp with cattails, very good cover & sneak in ONCE dig a hole & place your cloth bagged soil & plant & LEAVE. Check it with binoc's when "birdwatching". DO NOT wear a well beaten trail right to your grow.
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  13. Things were different in 1975. When you get an ounce and a half of seeds out of a QP what else is there to do with them other than imagining yourself as Johnny Weed Seed? I'd toss seeds out the window by the handful while driving down the highway hoping a couple would grow into plants and maybe some did but I never saw one.
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  14. Hello, well i'm just living with my parents now because i had a coffee shop i loved, i'm living in netherlands now, so i can buy weed, i earn rellativelly well, is not just about buying it or not, i have the money for it and my consume is not highier them you know 2gr per week, i want to grow not just because i want to smoke, but because is my passion, one day i intend to grow as a professional, i already growed for me and some friends, here i don't even have friends to smoke with tho.
    I'm studing also agricultural enginering and also have a coulpe of organic agriculture courses and a vast experience in the area.
    I'm here so i can make some $$$, so i can go back to my country and buy a farm and live out of the land, i already also did guerrilla, as well also in green houses, and also in indoor tents, vast experience, already growing for 4 plus years.
    Of course i'm always learning, but ya i'm already very capable of growing top shelf quality weed and in good quantities. Not my objetive here tho, but just want to keep in the activitie.
    I also have a car, in my country, i don't pretend having one here since, i can go 30 plus km in my ebike very easially.
    But i'm asking because the place i did guerrilla last time, just had a few rabbits and thats all, and have very good soil and climate compared to here.
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  15. The coffee shop i had was a normal Café in my country BTW, i get bankrupt i forget to mension

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