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Is Polo Really That Magical?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ChipThaRipper, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I've been wearing polo non-stop for the past month or so and girls have been practically throwing themselves at me since I started. Just got back from a store and girl behind the counter started playing with her boobs when I was paying...

    Went from getting rare action to having a couple attractive girls seem interested every week.

    Do girls really care about the clothes you wear that much?

    I was previously wearing 'streetwear' stuff.
  2. Maybe they look good on you
  3. i don't think people really get polio anymore
  4. hmm....who knows man...

    who knows...
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    But yeah, I've noticed that when I dress proper more chicks seem to look.

  6. Horsepower horsepower all this polo on I got horsepower!
  7. People still wear polo lol

  8. Unfortunately, yes.

  9. of what?
  10. Polo cologne or clothing? My ex gf went nuts when I wore polo cologne
  11. Man, fuck polo...

  12. clothing

  13. No shit. Some people don't like looking like they've never even heard the word "class."
  14. if you think polo is dressing proper, try suiting up... you will get lots of attn

    even dress pants/shirt will turn heads
  15. haha those are hilarious

  16. These clothes that drive the ladies wild.
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    Ralph Lauren Polo....I'm not taking a bunch of pics to show u each shirt I have and shit
  18. Some females are materialistic as hell.
  19. Jesus dude, chick asks for a pics to show how sexy you look and this is how you respond? Clothes won't take you all the way xD.

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