Is Political Correctness a Good or a Bad thing?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jane_Bellamont, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Or more like, what would the world be like if everyone was bluntly honest in public all the time?

    Is political correctness merely a highly-sofisticated evolutionary survival mechanism?

    ..Or is it just a political asset of the 21st century?

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  2. To be honest, I'd much rather have a world with more honesty. As frightening as it may seem, it can be liberating. I'd much rather have people let me know if they're racist bigots, in advance, for example.. before I decide whether I want to co-exist with them or not.

    Same in the work place and on YouTube. I'd much rather have people tell me that I fucked up, as opposed to always saying everything is alright and that I'm doing a good job.... unless they really think my videos are cool.

    In other words, political correctness is like trying to hold in your vomit while you've got food poisoning.

    Sometimes you just gotta get that shit out and scream, in order to make progress. FUCK YOU I HATE YOU I WISH YOU CANCER YOU DESERVE TO BE EXTERMINATED IN LABOUR CAMPS ARRRGGHHHH !!! Ahhh, that's better. :)
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  3. Bad.
    Don't tell me what to think.
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    Political correctness has slowly but surely strangled artistic and free expression. Everything that makes this world the least bit tolerable (TV, Movies, Comedy, Music etc) has suffered due to this new attitude labeled as "political correctness". I'm not sure that's the best label, but I do know for sure that there is a phenomena where we can't say anything without causing a huge controversy. There is a problem when Jerry Seinfeld, the most vanilla G-rated standup comedian in the world can't perform on college campuses because he is "too controversial".

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  5. Yea it has went rather silly as has health &safety.

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  6. (Redirected from PYT, Epintoch, sorry to drag you into this but you're a solid example to use, you don't have to involve yourself in the discussion)

    There's a line to walk, and it doesn't take much common sense to figure out where it is.

    check this out

    @Epintoch hey you wannabe englishman I'll be back for more raping and loot, send your women out so me and my boys don't have to leave the longship, #Lindisfarne2016

    He's not going to get offended, he's gonna laugh and come back with some shit about us Norwegians eating pinetrees, skiing our of mom's pussies at birth and how Lindisfarne isn't even in Scotland. The Scots have a word for this kind of playful teasing, it's called banter and it's a beautiful thing

    joking around with each other is a great way to bond, and most of us can tell the difference between a friendly dig and a hateful statement. Unless you subscribe to the ultra-sensetive self-righteous enemy-seeking mode of thought that is political correctness*

    *which does have it's place, but it's called diplomacy then and is reserved for important, actually charged situations
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  7. I'm not really sure what you want me to respond to? I love banter lol.
  8. Epintoch is a Scottish blade, I tagged him to demonstrate how there is no such thing as being too 'offensive' between a Scot and Norwegian, because that kind of PC culture does not exist in the same way here. We have it too, but exclusively towards Muslims.

    Nothing to do with you, I was making a point with it about political correctness and sensetivity.
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  9. Yeah I realized that after I made my post lol, anyways political correctness is a terrible thing I think.
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  10. So what would you personally describe as a hateful statement?

    Say.. would you consider Donald Trump to be hate speech, or merely a challenge to Political Correctness?
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  11. Everything is fair game.
    Oh except for the queen. ;)

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  12. Hm, well, let's try the most 'hateful' thing he's said: Ban all muslims from entering the USA. That's a real doozy, and I'm not entirely convinced of my own opinion, still building on it. Let's examine why he would say that, tho, why put a temporary ban on all Muslims 'until we can figure out whats going on' or what it was he said:

    A) Unreasonable hate
    B) Reasonable concern

    A) This is easiest to conclude. Banning all Muslims? They're not all evil, most of them would never commit any terrible acts and the largest majority of them seek USA for safety and stability. We don't have to go too far in depth here, you've heard most of the arguments as to why this is hatespeech and to a degree I think that is valid. We can't be dividing societies like that, it leads to a lot of harm.

    B) But so does taking them in. Strap in into your triggerwarning seat, we're going into the real world. Given that Europe has seen a tragic spike in terror attacks since the migrant/refugee influx (who are muslims, let's be real here), given the spike in rapes (which showed itself most clearly when one thousand women were sexually assaulted, gangraped, and robbed by a 1500-strong group of totally regular, non-psychopathic, non-ISIS-related regular ol'muslim men in one small area of Köln on just one night NYE), given all these things, an objective analysis gives the following (extreme, but nonetheless true) conclusion:

    It's an uncomfortable and very politically incorrect thing to say, but if we removed all Muslims from Europe, then there'd be less European women with their bodies and integrities ruined, less of the massive drain on our finances to clothe, feed, house, entertain and educate, and less of the tragic mass-murder in the name of Allah. Europe would be safer without muslims. Not safe, but safer. That's an uncomfortable fact. Given this is his line of thinking - that he's prioritizing the safety of Americans over that of economical migrants and war refugees from other places in the world - then it's not hatespeech, even though it can be easily misconstrued to be so.
    Is it ethical to prioritize alleviating the suffering of those in your country/region/tribe over alleviating the suffering of other groups, or is that statement in itself hateful/bigoted?

    C) A mix of both viewpoints. It's possible to hate unreasonably, and then justify that hate with undeniable realities.

    What do you think about that issue?
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  13. The qween is a stuck up, useless old hag who needs to get a job.
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  14. She has a job! One that she has committed her whole life to.

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  15. One could also simply deport asylum seekers who commit sexual offenses. One could also argue that if it hadn't been for the 'War on Terrorism', we wouldn't have a refugee crisis to this day, so maybe if you're going to be bombing other countries overseas, you owe it to the civilians to give them a place to sleep at night.

    I kinda have the feeling that the media was looking for the slightest excuse to shove the refugee crisis under the rug. I don't deny that there's going to be nutcases within the refugee population. They're human beings, after all.. not angels in flares.. and considering how psychologically damaging and traumatizing the effects of war can be, it doesn't surprise me in the least.

    Then again, that's a different topic of discussion.

    Do I think Donald Trump is hate speech? Yes. Should he be arrested for it, or censored in some way? Fuck no. It's pure entertainment.
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  16. I'm going to argue from the side of B) up there, just so we can test our standings on the issue, because this does tie in to the PC way of thinking, which I often tie in with the concept of 'white guilt'.

    You have to ask yourself, am I making excuses for their horrible behaviour, and why am I doing so? Is there a guilt associated with the War on Terror? Is that solely to blame, for the Köln mass rapes, for example, or are there other cultural and religious things at root, and why do you feel confidently about it one way or the other?

    You 'kinda have a feeling' and 'they're human beings after all', yes, but would a million Canadians act the same way, with suicide bombs and gangrapes of women who aren't wearing the hidjab? If yes, why, if no, why not? Ask yourself some of these hard questions, and ask yourself how much you truly know about Muslim culture in the Maghreb and Levant regions of the world. I find most people who have confident opinions on Islam don't know the first thing about it. Could you tell me the difference between a Sunni and a Shia, a Wahabist and a Salafist, and what cultural rules would affect their behaviour, without rushing off to Wikipedia? Even if you could, how many of the pro-refugee crowd could? Are they acting on instinct, or on reason?

    Even if it's our fault that they're X or Y, even if it's just human behaviour and we'd all do the same, what difference does it make to the gangraped German woman, the executed Parisian concertgoes or the blown-to-bits Belgian traveller? If we asked them, would they be as quick to excuse their offenders as victims of the war on terror or just human beings after all? How would they feel about taking in more muslim migrants and refugees, and are they justified in doing so?

    An interesting case from my town, Trondheim. A young girl was raped by a Pakistani taxi-driver; later, when ordering a cab, she asked for an ethnically white taxi driver. Since we're PC as fuck about Muslims here, the whole thing exploded.
    Is this young girl a racist, or not? In either case, why?

    And finally, why do you judge Trump's shit as hatespeech, and not the B) I laid out above?

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  17. What's that? Being a drain on the tax slaves? Fuck the queen in her shriveled asshole.
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  18. I'm sure there's a thousand of different definitions of Hate Speech on the internet - but personally, I think hate speech is any sort of statement against a minority that is backed by genuine feelings of fear, anger and hatred as opposed to reason and logic.

    As with the refugee crisis, I wouldn't say I'm making 'excuses' for their behaviour. Rather, I'm putting it into a utilitarian perspective. Do women and children deserve to drown in the mediterranean because of the action of a few psychotic retards? How would you feel if you were in such a situation? It's pretty easy to close your eyes when you're all cozied up in first world comfort, and I don't blame anyone for doing that. I myself am guilty of that a lot of the times, but that's because of human nature.

    I myself have been hit on by a muslim a couple of weeks ago. In fact, he was one of my laptop repair customers. He literally asked me if he could take 'my interactions' with him to the next level, since 'he was going to be going back to South Africa in a couple of weeks time'. Then he asked me if I'd have sex with him, despite being attracted to chicks.

    Of course I thought he was a dirty pig. Does that mean I'm going to start going around the streets and waving cardboards sings saying 'Deport all muslims!'? Fuck no.

    That black muslim guy may have been a pig, but last year I smoked weed with a muslim refugee who is now an owner of a construction company. He didn't ask me any questions in relation to my sexual orientation, he was respectful, he gave me a ride home when I got drunk and stoned.. he didn't touch me. We talked about history and politics.

    I just think it's basic logic.

    If A = Sexual pervert
    and A = Muslim
    and A = Black
    and A = Male

    it doesn't mean =/=

    Muslim, Black, Male = Sexual pervert
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  19. How very crude!

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