Is petition a valid avenue?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by jobokid, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Potentially, could the smoking community contribute to one giant petition? Addressed potentially to the president himself? I think this is even able to be done over the internet. Say if we were able to get an incredible number of signatures along with including facts about marijuana and its harmlessness in comparison to other things (you know the deal). Imagine if we could get 500,000 signatures or even 1 million.

    This is only speculation but with an active community working towards a goal we all so desperately want I think maybe it could help and be done rather easily.

    I dont really know anything about legal process so if this is just dumb, remove it or w/e.
  2. lets fucking do it!:hello:

    we cant send it to the president of the united states, barack obama. that will not work. (iduno maybe it could) it is said that he is a puppet for the global elite (new world order) have you ever noticed in his speeches how often he looks to the left and the right? he is reading information from teleprompters, thats what those two panels are. hes been known as the teleprompter president. whether or not he makes the stuff up thats being read on the teleprompter is unknown to me. but i dont think hes the one we will send a petition to.
    i have a farmer friend in california who donated 4,000 dollars to the obama administration when obama was inaugurated into office. i cant remember right this second (i can email him later) why he donated 4,000 to obama, or what obama used this money for. but it wasnt for the purpose that he donated it for.
    we need to start with state and local government. you have to sneak up on things. networking with people is a start. so here i am, and here we are:D
  3. Not really.
    To petition it would be wiser to petition to your local offices/representatives.
    They will represent you and your voice might be heard.

    If you don't have a valid reason to appease the masses, it will be shot down sadly.
  4. Yeah thats true shipwreck. But i think we do have a way to appease the masses! Just the shear statistics in alcohol abuse and its destructive path along with cigarettes and what they can do. These are substances that the govmnt allows us to use! Just recently Four and Joose and those malt liquor companies have been banned to be sold. Obviously people are concerned with it. I suppose we couldnt have our argument solely be based on using alcohol as a scapegoat =\. Idk, I just want to be able to grow in peace. Back to my box.:devious::devious::devious:
  5. "So I shot em, Shot em doowwwn"

    [ame=]YouTube - Everything to be Sacrificed on The Altar of Government - Alex Jones Tv 1/8[/ame]

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