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Is Peace Possible?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by SublimeWithBrad, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. I highly doubt it. It's an f'n shame too

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  2. it's possible if you are a lone wolf more introverted type and live alone, surrounded by Nature, animals and not other people. It can actually be very healthy if you have times where you engage with others, like farmer's market or work.

    I was peaceful living in a tent out in the bush, doing what I wanted anytime of the day. Moving back to the city was very depressing, as I could not chant or meditate when I wanted to, or practice music- delaying my spiritual growth and songs for years. It created a lot of frustration that was channeled into weight lifting, exercise and making music.

    It is ridiculous how many bylaws, rules and restrictions there are...and once you have had but a small, tiny taste of freedom, it is hard to be happy with the way things are now..
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  3. If it was possible, we'd already have it in spades.
  4. This is very accurate. I've had very similar experiences myself.
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  5. It's all right to do in moderation if you are working or finishing up a personal project, but is not healthy all of the time as it leads to imbalance, impaired social skills and anxiousness around people. Balance is the tricky part..

    Part of me feels I should stop so much with the internet/forums/texting and do more face to face...problem is everybody e-mails or texts now (even the older generations) and friends text and don't answer phone calls :p
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  6. I'm not even sure IF balance is the right thing in this regard. I mean, yes it is if you HAVE to coexist with society on a daily basis and you have no choice but to be flexible in that regard.

    Having had a few years out with nature, I'm fairly positive that I'm ok with permanently living like that. If I didn't have to return to society for a paycheck, I'd have permanently chosen nature by now.
  7. Don't give up hope, I didn't get my first piece until I was 21.
  8. Right, and I have lived the same on farms- but one cannot be completely independent all alone- taking care of all the animals, gardens, filtering the water, etc. We are all interdependent on one another, a small commune or community of like-minded people would be best. Periods of prolonged isolation are not healthy, even the Buddha wandered through nature for years and eventually went back to people to teach

    Coexisting with 'society,' is another story all together, as it has become extremely negative, unbalanced, unhealthy and wise to stay away from. For years, people are dropping out of society (ex. young men not getting married, video games) and it will continue until society's downfall- it goes in cycles and no empire or civilization lasts forever.
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  9. In our lifetimes? Perhaps not. However, we cannot know for certain whether peace is possible or not in the next 1,000 years, or the next 10,000, or even the next million until we go extinct or the universe itself comes to an end. The future is uncertain. What may seem impossible today, can easily be possible in due time.
  10. I don't think peace is possible. Humans have been fighting ever since God made us. Look at the Middle East, I don't think there's EVER been peace there. I just don't see world peace happening...

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  11. The examle you give about mother nature refers to animals. However we are humans (sure we are also animals and still have aspects of us, that behave by that nature). However the animal itself eats by necessity, it does not hunt when its not hungry; what does that means? That it is the needs that drive the action or how someone/something (animal) acts. We humans have trascended the animals by beign rational, however our rationlaity is a double-edge sword because it can makes us work together in harmony or make us destroy eachother.
    The difference between peace and chaos between humans, nowadays have trascended the basic needs, becuase we can cover them, however its the greed moved by the ego the factor that makes us fight eachother. If we would take control with ourselves, be happy with who we are, with what we have (without of being all the time looking for more), that would be the neccesary step to achieve peace; however it would have to be done by most of the population (which is extremely hard to achieve, and would take a lot of time).
    But, achieving that doesnt mean all the problems between people would be solved. There ir always gonna be differences between the people about different topics. However if we would follow the rules: Dont harm people, nature, and animals; there would be only minor problems, and the mentality there would be to know that there are certain opinions that you cant make people change, and its ok, just let the people be, and be yourself, always respecting eachother even if you defer in opinions.
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  12. If we can figure out how to colonize other planets yes. On this planet in a consumerist society with finite resources, not a chance in hell.
  13. peace being possible... hmm..

    i think you have to take a stab at it fundamentally, can peace even exist without disorder?

    certainly these things depend on each other for existence, so what happens if one cannot exist? there is not reason for the other to exist since there is no opposite for it to depend on as a point of reference.

    it is perfect just the way it is, what is more beautiful than nature? do we not stand in awe of its creations?

    maybe understanding that this duality ultimately lies in our perception or understanding of the world would make more of a dent in this question.

    more than anything why not explore our own selves and our identity with our own perceptions, maybe that can give an answer to peace, I mean if you cant find peace in the world, why not find that peace every day, i mean its not like we are not already doing that by living.

    i think i ranted too long off the subject... sorry
  14. yeah!

    we evolved in competition AND cooperation. sooooo many species of plants, insects, mammals that have evolved a high level of cooperation.

    within each of us is more latent tendencies towards cooperation, connection, and empathy.

    if it wasn't a naturally evolved human experience and function, i wouldn't have much hope.

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