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Is Peace a forgotten word?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Feb 8, 2003.



  1. _ PEACE

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  2. It will get worse again before it gets better (and theres never any gaurantee that it will stay bett

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  3. War Is an essential tool for the politicians.

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  4. War will destroy us. Our Toys are to big, and pack too much punch. An Image of a todler with a Sho

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  1. What the fuck? why cant we? why wont we? did we go wrong somewhere? was it us? where did we go wrong? who made this like this? was it us? was it them? can we stop them? why are things like this? is it still getting worse? will this stop? can we escape it? beleive in destiny? is this ours? is that the end ahead? can we escape it? time has come. time has been. time will continue after. will we see it? did we realise in time? did we fix our mistakes? did we learn from our mistakes? will this end badly still? can we go back? can we make things safe for all again? is the threat of imediate destruction a deterant? or an encouragement to do what you want? We are fucked anyway.

    War. What is it good for?
  2. All it's good for is stubborn leaders of countries. You said it best, and im too high to think on my own right now.
    "It will get worse again before it gets better (and theres never any gaurantee that it will stay better)"
    Since it wouldn't let me vote on this either..
  3. i voted "war will destroy us..."

    i personally don't see it getting any better. bush is gonna start WWIII... and after our use of nuclear weapons in WWII, i'm pretty confidante they will be used in the one to come, by more than just us.
  4. sometimes when I think about it too much I'm actually frightened for the future....I mean, if we wanted to, the US could blow up the world...there is enough nuclear weapons for it...more than enough
  5. They've had enough nuke capability to blow the entire world up since the late 50s.

    it's now a matter of how many countries have nuke capability and the capability to deliver nukes anywhere in the world. then we'll c the tru face of WW3
  6. the future is seemingly un-friendly
  7. I would love to have picked the peace one but that is just unfortunately unrealistic. I don't want to think about the bad things that could very easily happen to this world and so I try not to think about war. I don't want to die and I most importantly don't want anything to happen to my kids or my kids kids and so on. So my brain avoids that subject as much as I can let it.
  8. arh ,sorry didn,t mean ta yell,sorry..Hell they gonna shoot ya if you talk peace .War is a must its to late weeks ago.They are going to kill heaps of woman and kids ands call it collatoral damage,lol.hey way cool if its not you.
  9. I do believe that war is for the scared. Yoou know fear is what causes fights to happen in the first place..

    Bush is scared he's that some one else is going to be more powerfull than himself. He eeds to be taking out behind the shed and his ass whooooped good.

    Things are never good if you have to take lives to be more powerfull.
  10. i voted on war destroying us. i unfortunately don't see bush standing down in this case, and i am scared as i know there are going to be countries with nuclear weapons who will stand by iraq.

    i don't see war as being beneficial in many cases, though i feel there have been wars more worthy of cause than others. in this instance, i see no reason for war. i had a huge argument with a coworker who thinks we should fight them because of their POTENTIAL to destroy us.

    i asked him: do we convict people of murder simply because they have the POTENTIAL to become a serial killer?

    and then: what about all the other countries who have the POTENTIAL to destroy us, like Russia, who sells their weapons of mass destruction to terrorists? Or Korea, which has proclaimed "yes we have weapons we aren't supposed to so what are you gonna do about it, hehe!"

    I could go on forever about this but frankly it's a lovely day and I am not going to ruin it by getting too into this!

  11. the moment bush was "elected" did i say elected i meant got into office. our millitary began drastic changes in training for war. it was ON people.
    peace was never even on the adgenda.

    if id voted it woulda been for destruction total aniliation of us all. the US has stong armed everyone into this bull. if your not with us, then your against us. NOONE wants to be there. i dont want anyone to be there.
    sure its so easy to give oders and push buttons when your safe, hiding with a selected few.
    whats to come of us all? our babies,our children, our choice?
    this topic i cannot debate well. for one thing it hurts my soul deeply, for another there are those that believe this is the only way. show our power,they believe they will be safe and happy and watching the war on CNN. they also beleive everything they are told. too many are like little lambs blindly going to slaughter. i only hope my children dont suffer.
    now ya made me cry.
    sometimes i think peace is only in my heart.

  12. we really have to be realistic. peace is great, most of us here want it, but can it really happen? think about it, only these politicians make a difference anyway and we cant change that. we can try, but its not even our choice. and it should be.


  13. uhh. yes i see. That type of attitude will keep em safe. >:-/


    see first line of sig to see why this bugs me.
  14. Well digit- I think that I have the right to my own opinion and if you don't agree fine. However, why would I want to pay a huge amount of attention to a war when there is not a damn thing that I could do about it. Why would I want to sit there and worry when I don't have to? I am not saying I don't keep up on current events and yes I do vote. But why the hell would I dwell on something that may or may not happen(WWIII and the desctruction of mankind). Sorry but I want to enjoy the time that I do have left.
  15. To quote Ben Franklin "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Sadam is an evil man that will stop at nothing to cause trouble in the world. Just look at what he has done to his people and others over the years. If you do a little research on the web you can find out all the sick details.The allies should have taken care of him back in 91 and we wouldn't be talking about this now. We(allied nations) knew about what Hitler was doing many years before the start of ww2 but did nothing about it and look what happened. same with Japan just ask the Chinese and Koreans. This is more then just about Iraq, this is about the war on terror and Islam VS the infidels. Religion has been the basis of war for much of mankinds exisitance. it seems that everyone is putting the USA's stance on this down and aren't looking at the otherside. I don't like to see war but I would hate to see what will happen if we don't take out Sadam.

    " That's just my opinion, I could be wrong"
  16. I don't disagree that Sadam is a bad, bad boy; but do you know where all his toys came from?

    US. The United States.

    I'm not an expert, but I do know for a fact that (at least)starting with Regan the US has been GIVING Sadam weapons and funding for weapons.

    My opinion: Everything was OK until Sadam stopped wanting to play little oil games with Bush's friends. Gotta protect the rich! Because, of course, they're better than all of us and deserve more. (sarcasm maybe?)

    Yes. I am quite bitter.

  17. are you from the middle east?

    I agree that US policy with Iraq back before the Gulf War wasn't that good but it was the lesser of 2 evils at the time with the other evil bring Iran.(remember the hostage situation in 79-80?). If the USA is so so bad, then why do many different people from all over the world come to the states to live? The people of Iraq have been oppressed by Sadam since he took power in the 70's.The majority of the Iraq population wants to be free from Sadam's rule(althought they are unable to voice their opinions). It sucks that things are the way they are and that wars and arguments have been going on since the dawn of man with the basis being of a religious nature. The USA is far from perfection but for the most part you can do as you please.(the attitude on weed being a major exception). I don't want to see war but if that what it takes to get Sadam out of there, then so be it.

    again to quote Dennis Miller, "that's just my opinion, I could be wrong"
  18. Ok, yes I totally agree that Sadam is not a nice person, and that it is not a good thing that he is in the position of power that he is in. But, this war is a neverending one. There will always be more Sadams. For every one you manage to get rid of, two more spring up. The main thing I have a problem with is the broad and general "War on terrorism". This is a rediculous concept. All I see this doing is perpetuating the cycle. I also think that America's (Bush's) idea of "your either with us or against us" is going to get us into a lot of trouble. We may be able to go in and overrun Iraq and Sadam now, but pissing off the rest of the world in the process by forcing everyone into "our way or the highway" is only going to make things worse. I can see this war with Iraq turning into a war with the rest of the world. Now, if they can go in and take Sadam out and be done with it, then great, but I don't see it happening. A war on Iraq seems to me about like going and stirring up a wasps nest with a stick. Now, if there comes a time when he actively does something to the US, then ya I'd say go in and blow him to hell, and I think the rest of the world would back us at that point, but until that time, I (and much of the world I think) see America as just as much of a "terrorist" as Iraq, by being the instigators.

  19. I may have agree'd with your point view in a pre 9-11 world.
    The USA is not a terrorist nation and should not be preceived as one. We have helped many other nations through the years and this is how we get treated.Some of those same countries we have helped, are now in nonsupport of US policy as they have strong financial interests with Iraq.It sucks but religion has played a part in most every war in mankind history. This is much, much more then Iraq.

  20. I would say that depends entirely on point of view. Who are we to tell the rest of the world to dissarm when we have more weapons of mass distruction than anybody else. Also, 9/11 is a seperate issue from Sadam, and should be treated as such. I think that we are making way to big a deal out of 9/11. I mean yes, it is a big deal don't get me wrong. I think any loss of life like that is horrible, and those who did it should pay for it. But it was just a relatively few guys that managed to take over some planes. About 4000( I think?) lives were lost in that incident, and that was a tragedy, yes, but, that is going to be NOTHING compared to the loss of life that is about to ensue. I would guess that more people than that have already died because of our actions in retaliating against 9/11 (just speaking off the top of my head there) But we aren't going after those individuals anymore. It is just a general war on the threat of terrorism. I heard somewhere that Bush hasn't publicly mentioned the name Osama since late 2001. This whole "war" seems to me just to be something that Bush has made up for himself to gain popularity. It just seems to be a forced war that shouldn't be there in the first place. What we are getting ourselves into is going to be a neverending cycle of war. There will always be one more terrorist to attack. When does it stop? When the world and everyone in it is destroyed?

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