Is organic cactus good

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    Ok so I went to my local wall-Mart sad yes I know but anyways I picked up a thing called organic cactus succulent plant food the npk is 1-2-2 it states it promotes growth and flowering I want to feed it to my girl that's about halfway through budding to increase bud size will this be ok I don't got money to get anything better I'm on a budget at the moment [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Doesn't look like it could hurt...keep on. Happy budding

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  3. I'm on a budget at the moment

    Better and cheaper is tiny gravel stones

    stones has a lot of p and k the plant uses for budding

    of real interest is how cannabis extracts those mineral from stones

    good luck
  4. Well guys I used it 2 doses in a 1 gallon I feed my girl and my 2 young just flowering females that are topped I did this while she was in dark I figure it's best to water a few hours before lights come on I'll let you guys know how it works I feel like I play roulette sometimes with my girls can be nerve wrecking

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  5. I'm definitely interested in knowing how cannabis can extract minerals - from stones??

    "stones has a lot of p and k the plant uses for budding"

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    Rootlets use fungi to extract those valuable minerals!

    thought you new that ..? lol
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  7. I beg to disagree that plants or fungi can extract elements from stones - in the short few months that a Cannabis plant is alive for -

    Or in a hundred years.


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  8. It's not the plant that's extracting minerals, it's almost always the weathering. That's why groundwater usually has a high mineral content. Same reason you see that discoloration on weathered limestone.
    Putting gravel in a pot makes no sense to me tho..

    OP, cactus nutes should work just fine.
  9. Oh, I agree - but that takes literally thousands of years.

    It IS amazing at how little nutrients some plants need to grow - like some trees growing out of cracks in rocks - but this is usually due to organic material that has collected in the crack and not the rock itself - man, it's a ROCK... lol

    And even little pieces of pea gravel - or even large sand - still contains about zero nutritional value to plants...

    I think, anyhow.

    Lichens can actually eat their way into rock, though - but again, over a very, very long time...

  10. You're completely right, I was just pointing that out.
  11. So were you lol


  12. I think that @vostok is right - but that it takes MUCH longer than a fast growing plant like cannabis can utilize.


  13. [​IMG]
    When I was a kid we all had Pet Rocks

    but I found mine I never bought my rock

    hence I never had any need of a owners manual

    I never went this far tho

    A 32-page official training manual titled The Care and Training of Your Pet Rock was included, with instructions on how to properly raise and care for one's new Pet Rock (notably lacking instructions for feeding, bathing, and so on).[7] The instruction manual was the real product, full of gags, puns and jokes, and contained several commands that could be taught to the new pet. While "sit" and "stay" were effortless to accomplish, "roll over" usually required a little extra help from the trainer. "Come," "stand" and "shake hands" were found to be near-impossible to teach; however, "attack" was fairly simple (also with some additional help from the owner). The owners also found that potty-training their pet rocks was fairly simple, given that they were, in fact, rocks.
    Pet Rock - Wikipedia
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  14. I think your referring to stone dust or rock dust. It's ground very fine like powder. Or granite dust will also work. Go to any granite shop that does counter tops . They give it away.

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  15. Looks fine to use in my opinion.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:

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