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Is Og Kush A Good Strain For A Beginner?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Y2Jericho, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. My friend got some OG Kush, Blue Dream, and SkyWalker... he knows I've always kinda suffered from anxiety, depression, and especially insomnia.  I really do have insomnia and I've been put on medication for it.  
    I used to smoke back in high school, until I started getting paranoid.  My heart would race and i'd get paranoid, so I stopped.  I just lost $500 in Atlantic City and just wanna kick back and relax.  He tells me to take a hit, then see what happens... then to take another if i'm still not feeling it.  Truth is... I'm kinda scared to smoke because of my paranoia, but I really wanna see if it'll have any positive effects on me.  
    So, back to my original question... are any of the above strains any good for a beginner if taken in moderation?  Thanks, guys.  
    PS.  I also stutter.. I curious to know if this will have a positive effect on it.  
    PPS.  What's up, guys?  New here!  

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    welcome to GC. paranoia is all in your head man just be somewhere where you can just sit back and relacx and not have to worry about anything. as for the other things you listed (anxiety, depression, and especially insomnia) marijuana is the best medication you could possibly get as in all natural. some of those strains might be pretty strong for a beginner. your friend is smart tho take a hit and wait a little while and see how you feel if nothing then repeat until you actually feel it. smoking to much will surely get you really paranoid. as for the stuttering i'm not really sure but theres only one way to find out
    thanks, bro.  What would be a good strain to start with then?  I figured those would be a little too strong.... he's always smoking around me though.  He even mixes all three up and tokes it up.  
  4. Welcome to GC!
    Simple as this man.  If you ain't feelin it, don't toke.  If you are feelin it, take a hit.  I don't see the problem in 1 hit, relax, see how you feel.  If you makes you anxious or paranoid don't smoke more.  It'll wear off quick.  If you want more have another hit. :)
    I don't think the strain matters.  Anything grown by an experienced grower will be strong to a degree.
  5. I used to be super paranoid, once I started smoking, it stopped. On the other hand, my older sister tried smoking and it actually heightened her paranoia. As for the strains-unless your friend grew it himself or got it from a dispensary (medical marijuana shop), then those names don't mean anything.

    They are pretty decent strains, so if you do smoke it, don't smoke as much as your friend. I'll tell you one thing though, smoking weed (especially an indica dominant strain) will help tremendously with your insomnia. And almost all strains of marijuana aid in depression. Just remember to have good vibes around you, a funny movie, friends, food. It's not too fun having to go to other areas of the house to her food or a drink or what not. So have everything ready!
  6. I noticed that I was never paranoid, until once i was paranoid and toked, and it created a strong association, so sometimes I do.
    The only thing is youll be scared of getting caught, itll be the same amount but youll pay more attention to it
  7. It's all mindset. If you start your sesh all worried then you will most likely have paranoia. Just chill out and listen to somr Bob Marley or something man. Have fun and remember that no one expects you to be high so don't worry about talking to people while stoned.

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  8. Check out, great site for info on strains.
  9. It's like this, if you go in thinking you're gonna be paranoid, then you're going to have problems. Chill out first and don't expect anything bad to happen. You'll be fine.
  10. I use Blue Dream for my anger/ anxiety. It's a fantastic hybrid.
  11. it's not that you can't use those strains like someone said above any strain grown by an experienced grower will be strong. so just be careful and take it slow since your a beginner one hit at a time. trust me that first hit and you'll definitely know how much you'll be able to inhale at once. happy tokin brotha
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    thanks, guys.  I think i'm gonna try it.  i need help with my sleep and i just wanna kick back and relax.  
    edit:  my friend got these strains from a experienced grower.  I got everything I need here, so being in a good environment is not a problem.  i'll update y'all later on how it goes. 
  13. ive found most kushes to be good starters, OG, king, pink, all good kushes but theyre mostly indicas

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