Is "Occupy' Accomplishing anything?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by HideYoChurren, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. OK im a little uninformed on the whole movement...

    but im just wondering, what is Occupy accomplishing?

    i have this feeling that its not really doing anything and the corrupt politicians, and rich bastards that collaberate together, theyre just laughing at the occupy people and counting their money or something ahaha.

    idk, are they really accomplishing something, or is it pointless and accomplishing nothing? and can someone explain this movement to me in simple terms?

    thank you
  2. At the very least maby some more attention is brought to the disparity in the corprate elites income and the average man. Every new person that looks into the movement is a plus.
  3. it is the first step towards us using our constitutional right to bring the government down if it isnt looking out for our interests

    ows is a warning that things are bad, and they are getting worse, the government needs to take itself back from the rich or they will eventually have revolution on their hands
  4. While I do not agree with a large part of the OWS message, I do agree with their right to protest peacefully and unhindered. It is a shame how the police have been acting towards these protesters, it only adds fuel to fire when you make people in martyrs.

    However, this is indeed a warning that the people are starting to get angry. There is more to this sentiment then just OWS, its also prevalent in the original tea party movement as well. Things are more than bad because they will get worse before anything gets better.

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  5. It's not really accomplishing anything.
  6. Its accomplishing a lot i've sold a $1000 worth of OWS t-shirts. Its paying for a years supply of weed!
  7. It's got government employees working online posting misinformation and dilution material in political/news has BB that scared....:devious:

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