Is O.j. Simpson, Finally Going To Do Some Time ????

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. i dont wish jail time on no-one,,, but you aint going to tell me he didnt kill,,, those 2 people,,,,,

    today he aqquired the charges of ''kidnapping'',,

    what trips me out is one of his '' accomplices'' recorded the whole incident,,,, w.t.f.,,,,,,,,, is up with that,?

    the way i look at it,,, the stuff he was after was his stuff,,,, but hey if you dont pay your storage fee,,, the owner does have the right to accquire your belongings as his own,,,,,,,

    which is what happened,,,, i do feel for the juice,,,, sometimes jeolousy is a m-fer,,,,, this guys whole life is ruined,,, over a female,,,:cool:
  2. Yeah, sometimes Karma can be a real bitch. But O.J. has no one to blame, but O.J., right?
  3. maybe the whole thing was a conspiracy to finally get OJ locked up, he has this big book coming out where he's basically confessing to murder and laughing in everybody's face, maybe it pissed the wrong people off
  4. the people who he stole from said that they are "on his side" and they said he didn't really do anything.
  5. I heard the person who taped it was the owner of the memorbialia who kind of set up OJ into taking them
  6. i wonder if the glove will fit this time?
  7. no doubt,,,,,,,,,,,,:cool:
  8. to try and plea insanity when caught
  9. If he can get away with murder...I don't see why he cant get away with this.
  10. dude should know that most of the american public,,,, wasnt happy with his ''VERDICT'',,,,,,,,,, i believe they are going to take him down on this charge,,,,

    to make him pay for the one he skated on,,,,,

    what was he thinking,,,, or does the man even think? what a stupid fucker,,,,all that money,,,, id have hired a killer to off my ex and her boyfriend,,,,

    dude aint got much street-smarts to him,!!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  11. OJ's facing a life sentence, just read that
  12. he doesnt have the money he had back then, and the legend known as Johnny Cochran is dead

  13. aha hahahha

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