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  1. Hey ,

    The bank is legit, i have been ordering from these guys for quite a few years now and i have yet to find another company that has discreet shipping that comes close to the methods these guys use.
    I have not tried their Northern storm but their photoperiod genetics have always kept me happy.
  2. if they are legit it is worth a try. plus i get 5 free seeds.
  3. Not seeing the promised "exceptional crystal production" at my buddy's grow, I requested he grow this for me and check in on it 2 times a week. Fat buds, but not a visible frost or anything.
  4. i order from them and haven't ever had a problem. I just got some free NS Auto Fen from them myself. I was searching the strain and got this site. solid shipping company in my opinion but I haven't ordered from anywhere else. u get 5 free sensi kush beans also with every order.
  5. oh and if u spend $100+ they will send 3 free NSA - Fem
    My Northern Storm Auto is 5 weeks old (since germination). It's doing very well under T5 lighting. Is it just me, or does it emit a smell similar to fresh-ground coffee? Every time I bend over that plant I get the same salivating sensation as when someone in line at the grocery store has fresh-ground coffee. You know, that powerful refreshing feeling like, "oh man I need that right now." The more I smell my NSA, the more I can't wait to smoke it.
    Regarding, I like those guys. Prompt replies to emails. Ships within a day. Very good stealth, and they seem to change their shipping methods frequently (envelopes, return addresses?). I had a problem paying by wire transfer. They worked with me on a daily basis until resolved.
    The only possible negative I can see is that some buyers are interested in the breeder/origin of seeds. doesn't disclose this info.
  7. is in my experience the best seedbank out there longside their sister company i tried alot of diffrent seedbanka and alot of them are nad customer service and get stopped in customs. From these banks i have always gottn it throu customs. They have even teared up the packages several times and passed the package to me afterwards without finding the seeds. And i have made probably 30-50 seed orders from them over the past decade. Always good germination and quality and cystomer service. And it is not true that they dont say breeders of the aeeda. If u check out both sites u can see for yourself what seeds come from what breeder. Just look at breeder strains or something like that and u find the seeda u wonder about the breeder from. Also they are quite morecheap than most others. Highly adviseable sites. Idk about the nsa but their autoberry is awesome and the most fruity and potenr auto i have tries. In fact more fruity than true blueberrt from dutch passion. And the least smelly auto i think is blue mystic auto
    I got 100% germination on 15 seeds, and about 70% females from the 14 photosensitive (reg) seeds. They're growing like crazy. I just switched the photosensitives to 12/12 lighting as they entered 8 weeks. The Northern Storm auto is packing on beautiful buds right now in her 8th week.
    Here's photos autoflower from 2 days ago, as they finished 7 weeks:
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    View attachment 131782
    And, 9 photosensitives:
    View attachment 131788
    I'm very pleased with
  9. Ive also been wondering about the northern storm auto. Looks good man! Hows the smell?
    It doesn't have a strong odor in flower (yet, anyway). It has had a persistent smell since it was 2-3 weeks old which gives me that reflexive mouth watering like when you're in line at the grocery store and someone in line has freshly ground coffee. You know that sudden sensation, a bit tingly in the mouth, takes your breath away. My Northern Storm auto has a warm smell like that which has a similar affect on me. It had the smell early into veg. It seemed to go away during the stronger veg growth (it smelled more green, plant'ish) but came back when the buds began forming.
    The photo I posted above is from 2 days ago. I watered again today with a bump in the PK (and larger dose of KoolBloom liquid, 2.5ml/gal). I'll post another photo tomorrow. The buds already look more substantial from 2 days ago. Tomorrow the difference should be greater.
    I got this seed as a freebie and wasn't too excited. I got my head around growing photosensitives and didn't want to complicate things with something "different." Planted one seed and... wow... I really like autoflowers. I might end up growing those. The photo sensitives seem boring by comparison (as I wait another 8 weeks for flowering...).
  11. Yeah I know what you mean. Would love to see the progress, definitely doing a good job.
    Here's photos today (4 days after the previous photos, age: 7 weeks + 4 days).
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    View attachment 131869
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    View attachment 131866
    This was the tallest cola. Because it was 4-5" taller than the rest of the plant, I LSTed it (bent it over 90 degrees). Now it's this flat line of buds:
    View attachment 131868
    My last feeding (yesterday) was "useless's" 3-8-16, with 5ml CalMag and 2.5ml KoolBloom liquid.
    I'm trying to decide when to hit it with the one- or two-time dose of KoolBloom powder. I think I'll water again like the last one. Then I'll do useless's 1.25-3.5-9 with KoolBloom powder on Saturday -- which will be exactly 8 weeks old. That will let me do useless's 0-7-20 and 0-6-20 during week 9. Starting week 10 the nutes would be stopped through week 11. (I'm trying to translate the "useless" schedule which is for photosensitives into the autoflower lifecycle.).
  13. Wow! Yeah ive heard to use 1/2 maybe 3/4 suggested nutes tops. Looks like one of the bigger autos ive seen. What size pot and lights do you have?
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    KoolBloom liquid says to use 2.5 to 5ml. I started at 0.5ml and worked up to 2.5ml last watering. I'll probably do 3ml next water.
    Next grow I'll start a little stronger (like 1ml) and work up to 2-3ml faster.
    The dry is what scares me. It calls for 1/4 tsp (1.25 g). I'm going to try and stay down around 1/8 tsp. I'll probably weigh out 0.625 g. :)
    I believe the pot is a 3gal. I got it at Lowes. It measures 9-3/4" diamter and tall. The next grow I'll probably use a square "maxi" pot. It's 3 gal but square and 2-3" taller. I'm in a 4' tall tent, I think I'll have room for the taller pot.
    The lights are a 4' by 4 bulb Hydrofarm Envirogro T5 and a 4' by 2 bulb Sunblaze T5. Sometimes I think I should have done the 6 bulb Envirogro. It would fit in the 2'x4' tent nicely. But, it's kind of nice to have two independent fixtures. I can angle them a little, and lower the 2-bulb a little to give more light to the side (as I rotate the plant 2-3 times a day too).
    I planted in 60% ProMix HP, 20% Kellog Patio Plus outdoor potting mix, 20% perlite. I added 1 Tbsp dolomite lime per gallon of soil mix.
    Using GH Flora series and the "useless" schedule. I think it was a bit too hot at times. I saw signs of nute burn a couple times. My photosensitives exhibited a touch of nitrogen toxicity at times. (Useless during veg is disproportionately higher in the green "grow" component. Even though the black "micro" component has most of the nitrogen, I think that disproportionate amount of "grow" is what caused some toxicity. No complaints though. The photosensitives and this autoflower look very good. If anything, the "useless" formula is right at the maximum -- which is good.).
    2ml Liquid Karma each watering. Alternate 2ml CalMag+ or Silica Blast between waterings. As the autoflower got into flowering, I increased this alternation to 3ml and now 4ml. My last watering was time for Silica. That will be the last silica it gets. I'll do 5ml CalMag+ with each watering for the next 2 weeks.
    I've also added 5-10ml molasses each watering since flower.
    Lighting is 18 on, 6 off. Temperature around 72-75 day, 68-70 night. Humidity 30%.
    I ph'ed the nutes/water to 6.0 during veg, and 6.2-6.3 in flower.
    This is my first auto grow (and only 2nd MJ grow). I'm excited to think I could harvest it in 3 weeks. I'm going to germinate another seed tomorrow so another is in the works. I should proabably germ a seed every month so I could harvest a new plant every month, and keep the 2x4' tent constantly filled with 3 plants.
  15. Nice post,  good grow. Are you doing a journal? as i have quite a few Northern storms that i have gotten for free for these guys but have not started them. If you get good results from these i may give them a go.
  16. Nice set up man. Thinking about getting some Northern Storms in the future
    I keep a journal on my computer. Is there something online (an area on this site) to do it?
    I know what you mean about unwanted seeds. I felt the same way when I received the freebies. I barely knew how to grow photosensitives, I didn't need this "oddball" stuff confusing everything for me. :) I grew one at the same time I started 14 photosensitives. I neglected it because it wasn't something I would have chosen to do. Then the warm coffee smell caught my attention. When it started to flower... wow. :)
    I like the simplicity of autos. Especially their lack of sensitivity to light during flower. My photosensitives are in flower now and I have to worry about zipping up the tent before their "lights out" period starts. The auto is more like a houseplant. The only reason to seal up the tent is for odor control. But, the odor isn't bad.
    I'll let you know how it turns out (final yield, how it smokes, etc.).
  18. More photos taken today, week 7 + 6 days (including first seedling week).
    View attachment 132042
    View attachment 132043
    If you click the next image it shows a larger image. Right-click that image and it gives you an option to see the original "large" size. From that image you can see how far down these buds extend:
    View attachment 132045
    View attachment 132046
    This was the tallest growth which I bent over 90 degrees. It's turned into a row of buds. You can see where a couple leaves touched the T5 lights and burned. I think that happened when the plant strethced 2-3 weeks ago:
    View attachment 132044

    Yesterday I fed 3ml liquid KoolBloom (along with "useless's" 3-8-16, and 5ml CalMag+, 2ml Liquid Karma, 8ml molasses). Tomorrow I intend to give it it's one-time feeding of the much stronger powdered KoolBloom (and nutes 1.25-3.5-9). I'll post if/when that results in anything significant. I intend to do 1/8 tsp (double-checked by weighing it on my scale, looking for 0.625 g).
    As mentioned in previous post, I began liquid KoolBloom on 12/26 (week 5 + 5 days). I started at 0.5 ml and worked up to 3ml yesterday over 14 days and 7 waterings. I think I was too cautious and should have started stronger and worked up to 3ml sooner.
    According to what I've read about the lifecycle of autoflowers, next week (week 9) will be my last week to feed. I'll do useless's 0-7-20 and 0-6-20. Then, week 10 and 11 there are no nutes as the plant clears out, dies off, etc. During that time I'll gauge harvest time by this write-up saying to watch the leaves.
    Kind of exciting to think I could be sampling some smoke in a week or two. :)
    The odor of this one plant still isn't too bad. I have 9 photosensitives in a 4x4 tent with carbon filter. So, the only thing I smell is the autoflower in a, unsealed, 2x4 tent. I don't have a filter/fan for it. Fortunately the odor isn't bad. When a friend drops by they can smell it coming through the front door. They don't think it smells like a grow, more like some smoking's occured. Remnant's of smoking.
    Next time I'd like to try some Ona Gel to see if that's enough to mask the odor. I think it would be because it's really not too strong.
  19. Looks great. It looks like it still has a couple weeks, the hairs are still white. Might be a longer strain from start to finish.

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