Is non enforcement policy or even decriminalization make the use and growing legal?

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  1. Is it a guarantee that marijuana use is no longer prioritized by the authorities and charges are no longer pressed on normative citizens who have committed an offense of smoking, possessing, or even even growing tenths of plants in low visibility places (Not visible from public places such as streets or cafe bars)
  2. I’d still lay low unless it was fully legal.
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  3. Still risky...With decriminalization , only possession is OK and not even legal. Growing any amount is an automatic intent to distribute.
  4. Growing any amount easily constitutes to larger scale distribution and easily breaks the threshold limit for personal possession. According to the law. There's no such thing as separation from personal use amount to amount intended for distribution, whether with or without exchange of cash or any money (Including digital)

    All offenses constitute to an offense of distribution which can be punished with 20 years in prsion (Here, in israel) to life sentence. Distribution is passing a joint free a charge to someone as well.
  5. There are a lot of laws like that and they are very unfair. Even though it’s legal in a lot of the US states, there are others that are very punitive.
  6. Hence why you're warned by internet website articles before visiting any particular USA state. With decriminalization a police officer can bind you to another offense and still incriminate you. This means you won't be able to visit any other countries or other USA states and be deported back to any country. Earned you a serious loss anytime and your freedom of visiting other countries. Hope this helps.
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  7. Israel Is the leading nation in the world that is doing Cannabis research .
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  8. I have a license to grow .. Medical Card
    I check in with local law enforcement to make sure their are no up and coming issues with the laws .
    Its not a secret ,, Cant hide the smell , you can smell my weed a block away .
    Last thing I need is them kicking my door in shooting my dog and breaking my grow equipment .
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  9. It would be so nice to have the opportunity to comply with legal grow laws. It’s hard to enjoy the garden sometimes for looking over the shoulder.
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  10. I got my card so I wouldn't be so acceptable to the MJ laws changing in my state .
    One minute everyone can grow , the first of the this coming year no one can grow within 25 miles of a dispensary unless they have a license ( medical card ).
    I have to stay in touch with the police because these laws change every two years .
    And they way the law is written its really hard for me to understand ..

    The Law here has never fucked with me over weed …
    But honestly I find that law enforcement is pretty much out of control .
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  11. Are there any rec legal states that allow cultivation? Canada has a plant per household limit.
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  12. For that reason I would have personally stuck with indoor growing. But man I would love to just sit out my back porch and seeing my yard with some nice dank plants :D
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  13. No such thing as a outdoor grow here,, no offense but its a joke ,, brainless effort ...
    Plants go into budding and then thousand sand storms and dust devils come in and load the plant up with dirt and sand ..
    Weed taste like dirt and the dirt falls out of the weed when shaken

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