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is nj weed safe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by snowz4life, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. #1 snowz4life, Nov 28, 2011
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  2. yeah man all shit from there is poison, send it to meeeeee :) haha jk anything you get will 90% of the time be fine, as long as your not getting it from some extremely fucked up character you'll be fine. just smell/look at it you should be able to tell if theres something on there thats not supposed to be
  3. weed comes from all over, unless the weed is organically grown it prob has some additives. Grow it yourself :)

  4. This is like asking is buying any weed safe. You could get any weed and any price from ANY area on the planet.
  5. why would they poison there customers
  6. Why would they spray pesticides on a plant, and harmful toxins? Weeds safe. If theres spider mites on plants growers usually just toss some lady bugs on there and problem solved.
  7. [quote name='"snowz4life"']do you think any weed that i could come across buying would be from mexico. dont they spray harmfull pesticides and toxins. do you think i get more medical or home grown or from mexico? thanks a lot guys.[/quote]

    ive never seen mexican bud here (i live in south nj), only dankity dank, usually from cali or occasional bc. from what i can tell, mostly medium to larger scale growers, occasional medical or home growers. but thats just my hookups, yours could all be straight from mexico.
  8. Lol, stupid thread. Probably passed through a neighbourhood in Newark and got scared of the condition.
  9. ok now i may be completely wrong but are you my friend Austin?
  10. [quote name='"apapier12"']
    ok now i may be completely wrong but are you my friend Austin?[/quote]

    lol, nah man. but where do u live in nj? im in the 856 zone.

    Edit: your friend austin must be a cool (and libertarian) guy if u think he would have my profile picture and signature.
  11. someone watches trailer park boys.....

    seriously this thread is fucked. I'm starting to think this whole forum is.
  12. how would driving through a city here make him worried about people in Mexico spraying his weed with chemicals?

    Have you ever been to Newark?
  13. i have, its a great place to buy crack and get butt raped. Its the hottest place to get busted in all of jersey
  14. I have no idea what you're talking about, cops in Newark literally do not give a single fuck about weed, they have actual crimes to worry about.
    and butt raped? wtf are you even talking about
  15. Nah, it should all be fine... But if you find a good connection in NJ, let me know, because everyone in North NJ sucks. :(
  16. good weed in NNJ IS out there. stuff just as dank as the medical pics you see on the stash jar forum here. FINDING it is the problem. Working your way up take a long time, seemingly longer here than other places - kids in NJ are out for no one but themselves and seem to really get off on scamming people and just outright lying.
    I'm not going to lie and say I'm getting the dankest nugs in the state, but I've smoked it, what I normally smoke is better than most, but certainly nothing too incredible - that being said I've noticed an increase in quality overall in NJ, so that's good news.
    Just wait it out man, network, talk to new kids, always try new dealers, you know how it is, the dank is out there.
    apparently south jersey (judging by the threads in stash jar) also has incredibly dank shit, THAT I did not expect.
  17. I had a good guy who could find 15.6 "halves" of dank for $165ish... That was the lowest price I could find anywhere. I don't even know what the hell happened to him, but he isn't around anymore. I know many people who deal, but they are just so unreliable. I ask them to deliver, and they either respond a few days afterwards, or not respond at all. :mad:
  18. No, it kills 10 babies a year

  19. Dude... North Jersey definitely does not suck at all. I get my shit from my dealer who picks up in Brooklyn every weekend straight from the grower. Thinkin you just need a better connect :p
  20. That's definitely true... Most kids who sell skimp bags and sell .8 for 20 which is the common price around here if I'm picking up just dubs. But if I go to Paterson I can scoop up 8.0 grams of some nice dank for 100 bucks. All depends on who you know :smoke:

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