Is naturally growing Cannabis of any use recreationally?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by inhale, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Everywhere I go, there are naturally growing Cannabis plants. Most are very small, but some are penis - waist high (Indica?) -- Anyway, do these have any recreational use at all?

    I don't know ANYTHING about the plants, other than that it's Cannabis and that there is A LOT. There aren't any flowers that I can pick off, dry and smoke. Can I boil these in butter and cook? If so, does it matter if the plant is very small? Obviously it will contain less active ingredients, but it will contain some, right? The price is not a problem, as this is free.

    There's acres of this stuff near a wheat field next to my house, and it grows all along the side of the road and etc. Oddly enough, Charas (Hash) is illegal here in Pakistan, and the general public is pretty ignorant about this stuff. They call this 'Bhang' and they think it's different from Charas. They think Charas is made from the Poppy plant.

    Anyway, Charas is extremely cheap here. A high quality piece of hash the size of your fist is probably $10-20 (USD) Smuggled from our neighbor, Afghanistan. But, can I make use of these leaves/stems? Thanks.
  2. No... it's ditchweed. There is pretty much no thc... if any, in those. If they got you high... do you think the government would let them grow alongside the road? LoL
  3. Probably just wild weed. Not very potent. It's from way back when hemp was a regular plant that farmers farmed (WWII was the last time, I think).
  4. You got to get us some pics!
  5. That shit grows all over the corn fields here in IN...


    There is a pic of some... not the kind that grows around here - that looks a lot more like MJ, but the shit that grows around here has the classic fingered leaves... but the whole plant is a mesh of green/brown/yellow... it's a lot thinner, also.

  6. But there is no bud or anything? Does it still smell like weed?
  7. Whoa thats interesting, I live in IN and had no idea there was anything like that... What part of indy is it?

  8. *Watches nickbuddy111 steal a fields worth of weed*

  9. lol free weed is free weed, could it possibly be used in mass amounts for baking? Or green dragon? ANYTHING??
  10. There must be some recreational use for it...
  11. Usually has less than 1% THC....

    virtually no uses except for hemp.
  12. what i would do is wait unitl the flowers are fully matured then make the biggest batch of oil anyone has ever made on the planet.
  13. Are you assuming I'm in the US? I'm in a third world country. Two hours from where I live, I can get Heroin for pennies and a piece of hash (good quality, rubbery and brown) the size of my head - literally! - for the price I pay for 1/2 an ounce in NY, USA. I can walk down to the drug store and buy Diazepam, Xanax, Lorazepam, etc - with no prescription.

    There is a park not even 50 feet away from my house here, and day and night it's full of people openly smoking Charas (hash) and playing poker. In some cities in this country (Peshawar, Quetta prob, etc) Charas is legal.

    The government wouldn't do what the US government did. That is, burn every naturally growing plant of Cannabis that's in sight. For one, it would cost too much money, second, they can't stop people from smoking weed. It's extremely cheap and very widely available. In some circles, it's even socially acceptable. Another reason is because most people don't know what the plant is, or does, and hence don't 'use' it. Although people have told me that they use it to make the drink 'Bhang,' which I think is milk and Cannabutter.

    Back to the topic. There's pretty much an infinite supply of the stuff growing all around. I've never grown. How can I tell if the plant is fully matured or not? Also, would it be possible for me to take a new plant (one that just started growing) and put it in an indoor environment (artificial light, minerals, etc) and get it to flower?
  14. If you wanna make some sort of extract of this stuff this is the way...
  15. Should have made that more clear. It'd be really hard to tell.

  16. Umm...not really -

    Anyway, is there anyway that you can get us some photos of these plants so we can tell you if they are the real deal or not?

  17. lol xanax at the store. is the place you live named heaven by chance?
  18. I'm staying at a relative's house. I just walked outside and saw Cannabis growing here too. I would take pics, but the batteries here are horrible. They die within less than an hour. I'll def buy more and put some pics up when I can.
  19. Nice pics of the ditch weed! I haven't ever seen what it looks like and I was told that it was around. Those look like tall male sativas, every last one of them, amazing. That makes some good hemp, but unfortunately the thc levels of hemp are at 1 % the official limit of "I'm not gonna get you high, awww" Even schwagg will get you high eventually and that's at a wopping 2 percent, with chronic/dank being at 8 to 10 percent.
  20. why not get some really danks stuff and just start growing it everywhere? if the gov really doesnt care that much whats the big deal? will anyone even notice?

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