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is Myclobutanil fungicide safe for my plant/me to smoke????!!!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by NoobGrowster, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. I have used a myclobutanil Immunox fungicide to treat powdery mildew in low doses only twice but i dunno of its use on cannabis:eek:.. Its about 3 weeks till harvest does anyone know if my buds will be safe to smoke?? Any feedback would be lovely....
  2. Unless you have an active fungus right now, I would try to NOT use it. Its supposed to be safe up to two weeks before (garden veggie) harvest, but they also told us there was "no second gunman on the grassy knoll", "artificial sweeteners were perfectly harmless" and "Anna Nicole Smith married for love!"

    I think I'd check the internet for that particular fungicide and see what all the warnings say first. Other than that, it's a judgement call I guess. But if there are people who actually know for sure, you'll find them here in the City, THAT I am sure of.
  3. Yeah I did a little more research and all I could find was how long the decomp was when used on a grape vine.. They estimated it at 10.5-16.5 days.. Still gonna check around till I'm satisfied.
  4. What brand did you use and how did your plants/harvest/medicine turn out? Was your Bud even usuable? Could you smoke it or was it bad/poisoned, something fishy about it? I treated my plants with eagle20 just before 12/12 flip and trying to figure out if they are safe to smoke. Only sprayed once, never actually sprayed the buds. Are these safe? How did yours turn out?
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    NO,  this chemical is not safe for consumption or inhallation.   Here is the MSDS safety sheet for Eagle 20,( Myclobutil) to add to your research.
    Myclobutil is systemic and cannot be flushed from the plant.   Never use systemic chemicals on  plants you will be smoking or eating. 
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    Thank you, I have read the label, it does state you don't want to inhale the chemical during spraying, but after it has been sprayed, months later, can those flowers be used or are they tainted? I have some beatiful flowers ready to pick that saw this chem during the last week of veg, is it out of their system by now? Or is it a lost cause, bad nugs? Has anyone harvested this stuff, smoked, everything turn out okay, live to tell about it? I'd hate to think it's all useless meds now...
  7. How did it turn out?
  8. You'll have to make your own judgment call on whether it's safe to smoke but eagle20 and it's related compounds are usually not recommended to smoke.. When dealing with inhalation vs eating and labeling keep in mind most of the spray till dates on harvest are meant for eatable plants not inhaled.. Lungs are a direct route to the blood stream where as eating is very different story..
    Your going to need an IPM ( invasive pest management ) routine and this is about as safe and organic as I've found..
    Bacillus Thuringiensis.. sold under several names  http://www.domyownpe...CFYhsfgodnHUAqA to control the caterpillars/bud worms
    Green Cure  potassium bicarbonate <a>  For</a> Powdery Mildew control..
    Neem oil http://www.arbico-or...CFQqDfgod5a0A-A for spider mites, thrip, PW, helps with the caterpillars too but don't use once you start to flower..
    BT-I for fungal gnats.. http://www.homedepot...10-12/100334779
    Most all of this can be found at home depot or lowes except the green cure,, Hydro shop for that..
    Buy a new sprayer and rinse really well between solutions or buy multiple sprayers like I did..
    I do my treatments like any good farmer.. up well before dawn
    Spray BT on Monday..
    Green Cure on Wednesday..
    Neem on Friday

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