Is my yield expectation realistic?

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  1. Realistically, if me a non experienced grower, grow 8 DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Automatic under a 400w hps, can i at least expect 2 ounces overall out off my first harvest?

    No, i am not a total newbie, i have made a lot of researches before buying all my equipment and read The Bible by George Cervantes 3 times.

    The only reason why i'm starting out with 8 autoflowers and not 4 regular plants is to make sure i don't make mistakes on my real grow and end up with nothing to smoke after 4months and a half of work.
  2. yeah that's pretty realistic..
  3. Hows a auto not a real grow? They have dramatically improved over the years.
  4. Sure it's a real grow but is it worth it?

    I don't think so.

    First, you can't clone autoflowers so that's a big waste of money on seeds.

    Autoflowers doesn't yield much and if you want a decent amount of smoke you're gonna need a shitload of plants. Plants cost nutes and nutes are extremely expensive, especially coco coir nutrients -.- .

    I would rather buy 4 seeds and clone them over and over instead of spending money on autoflowering seeds and wasting precious nutrients.
  5. Beg to differ on the yield

  6. nothing wrong with autos

    shit i'm thinking about going all auto next year..

    i've ran full seasons early, i've ran full season's late... gotta say.. it would super nice to just be able to mix my soil, and plant.. and that's it.. and 3 harvests in a year.. HELL YES.

    ESPECIALLY in my situation where i have to grow guerrilla style..
  7. Sure, you're experienced and grow monsters but that's not the case for me.

    I still believe growing 4 regular feminized seeds under a 400w is my best bet if i want at least 12 ounces worth of smoke a year and not spend too much money on seeds & nutrients.
  8. That was in a 1 gallon airpot! Nothing special just used nutes and had her under a LED. The cost of seeds or nutes is far less then buying it legally or illegally
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    It sure is but if i can save money here and there i will.

    Right now growing 3x 4 regular plants in a year would cost 25$ a month in electricity + 300$ overall in nutes and finally 220$ for the feminized seeds.

    That's 820$ a year and right now i buy my ounces 120$ from a marijuana dispensary supplier. I just hope it's going to be worth it in the end.
  10. [quote name='"rhapsodyrcks"']

    Beg to differ on the yield


    I agree, I was very happy pulling 2 to 3 oz per plant. I got 14oz in roughly 70 days from seed.
  11. autos suck IME

    half the high, half the legs ( auto highs last for shit ), & half the harvest .

    good to take up extra space in a veg tent though.

    my . 02
  12. Wharfrat74, has been talking shit about autos since 2010.

    I like it.

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