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Is my weed real?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by PlayinWhileHigh, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Like Im sorta new to smokin weed and shit. Only a year at it. But i know normal weed. But i just got this shit from a guy and he says its purple kush and i look at pics IT DOESNT LOOK LIKE WEED AT ALL! I blazed with this guy before. LOoking at it, it looks like inside the little flowery things it has little seeds like mad small and alot of them. I ust dont know if its real or not. There are no leaves either only a bit but all of it looks like its flowery and i took it off the steam and it looks like it has little flowers on it but not blossomed lol.
  2. Little Flowery Things = Nugs

    Seeds = Cannabis seeds

    it's a plant genius you thought they buried a dime bag for it to grow lmao

    Regardlesss take your cell email yourself a pic upload it to photobucket or some ish and We'll tell you asap

    BTW the reason you never seen seeds before is because you take them out.. or else they pop like popcorn during hits lol
  3. It might be male. Get your money back if you can.
  4. ima be the first to say it.. im on some acid too n shit.. but this post man

    wtf is goin on in this motha fuckin motha
  5. do you have a picture?
  6. Visiting the forum photo gallery in the embedded link may help you better understand.

  7. Aw shit, breaker 2 - 9 -10-80 we gotta code blue down here.

    you cut the line chatter grunt

    just up there, past the rice patties

    wat up wit this mutha fuckin motha......:smoking:
  8. Lol yeah one second im gonna get a pic.
  9. yeah i wanna see this picture
  10. hahaha yeah thats weed man

  11. at a glance it looks like bud but i cant tell. hit it once and see what happens.
  12. Yeah i kinda think so too. its really dank. but the picture one looks diff. Like ive never seen weed like this. I usually have normal weed like SKUNK and it never looks like that.
  13. i dunno wtf that is but its definately not weed, i would have never even bought that shit let alone consider smoking it.
  14. actually it does look a little weird. at least the top 2 nugs do.
  15. it looks like weed, that hasent been fully dried. cuz it looks too green. like its not cured yet. thats what i think looks funky about it
  16. hahaha the kids trippin on acid...
  17. It's a male, most likely. Homegrown by someone who didn't know what they were doing.
  18. THAT AIN'T MARIJUANA it looks like a weed or some type of plant clearly no fuckin way! Its a flower for sure but not a Cannabis one LOL
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