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Is my weed ok?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ScotchnCoke, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Usually when I buy my weed its a bit dry, usually I like it a little moist, so yesterday I picked up a half oz and put a natural hydro stone in the stash over night, when I woke up the bud was nice and soft, I then took the hydrostone out and re sealed my jar, the weed still smells the same if not more potent, just a lot more soft to touch, I'm a bit scared it may be ruined or have mould on it for some reason... if not should I take it out and let it dry or is it safe to be a soft and maybe a tiny bit moist.



  2. Looks fine at the moment. Take it out the jar and dry it an hour or so if you're concerned it's too wet now.
  3. It is okay.
  4. Not to bad how does it smoke?
  5. Trust me its fine.....

    I keep my weed in mason jars.. Keeps the weed fresh & makes the room smell like I just smoked...
  6. looks good to me, like someone said if youre afraid of it being to wet pull it out of the jar and dry it for a short time

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