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Is my weed moldy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ruin0, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Ok well first off I read the mold sticky and look for the obvious signs but couldn't find any it's really just the smell that is peculiar, other than that the bud looks fine to me. I heard moldy weed smells like ammonia, but I have never smelled ammonia so I don't know what to be checking for it's just an odd smell that still has skunk in it it's just... different. The weed wasn't that dry when i put it in my jar so that's why I was wondering, thought I'd ask here before I kill myself smoking it.

    Is there any other ways of telling? Here are some pics there not the best but it's what i could do with a 2 megapixel digi on macro.

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  2. just smoke it man
  3. Looks quite 'Stemy' to me. Dunno about moldy tho...
  4. its just some schwag, smoke it all!:smoke:
  5. The looks are decieving it's actually rather potent I have been smoking it the past few days I'm just a little frightened too since I got that weird smell after opening my jar, I hadn't noticed the smell before so I don't know if it smelled like that the whole time or what.
  6. Fuck knows id just smoke it :smoke:
  7. shut up and smoke that!
    its probably fine. one way to find out.
  8. What jar did you store it in? Does it have a plastic thing inside the lid to seal it? I did that, gave it a horrid smell, smoked okay though!
  9. If its potent I wouldn't even care Id smoke that to heaven.
  10. no guarantees, but mold will probably be killed if you smoke it, by the fire. the problem is mold destroys the resin, so you'll know it's moldy if you don't get high. just smoke up bro.
  11. #11 Sketchy Newb, Sep 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 16, 2009
    NEVER SMOKE MOLD. That shit is toxic to you and will cause serious lung damage. Do not listen to these people who are saying "just smoke it." They have no idea how serious smoking moldy weed is

    As for your bud, I can't really tell. The pictures are too blurry for me to tell if those are mold spores

    No it won't. That is a very bad misconception

    EDIT: Looking at the pictures again, I'm starting to wonder about some of those white clumps. White clusters are the obvious sign of mold
  12. do not smoke it. why don't headshops sell mold test kits, damn.
  13. Mold can kill you if you smoke it.
  14. No. not moldy
  15. naa, looks fine, but def low quality, but whatever go get toasted bro
  16. I'm not sure, but I know I would put my health before weed.
    Mold can do severe damage to the body if it's smoked especially,

    If you have a doubt, throw it out. I think your health is more important.
  17. Mold isn't the best thing to mess around with, its toxic. I honestly can't really tell if its moldy or not, if it was super dank bud i would say go with your senses and smoke it. But this doesn't look high quality at all, so really skope it more heavily and if you still can't tell just dump it.
  18. moldy or not, i still wouldn't smoke it, but im a snob.
  19. Looks like a bunch of stems and seeds to me, smoke it man
  20. yeah it's not moldy,it's just some Streeize , shwag,mexican dirt weed.

    you know what i mean,well...... maybe you don't :bongin:

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