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Is my weed laced?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokingjew, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Ok, i recently bought some shwag right, and i have to say its pretty good shwag. However, when i smoke it, i get higher than shit. i get way more stoned than if i were to smoke white widow or ak47. also, i notice that my heart rate is really high. in on it right now, and im blitz shittless
  2. Maybe you didnt really buy schwag?
  3. sounds like
  4. if you are hallucinating then it was laced, otherwise you greatly underestimated your purchase. Congratulations, your high!
  5. You can hallucinate on fine weed, it's around the time you start "spinning out"
  6. If it was pcp ,what used to be called "dusted" you would be tripping balls after maybe two hits.......veggie time.:p

    Does it smell musty/dank and not in a nuggets way but in a moldy mexican brick pack way ? buds mashed flat of fluffy nicely tumbled nuggets of sweetness ? ,and does it have any crushed seeds ? color ,blue ,"green" ,brown...?

    does it contain the pubic hairs ? .....:eek:

  7. Could be beasters laced with liquid meth coming down from canada from the hells angels. Or you just havn't smoked dank in a while:D.
  8. I had shit like that when I went to NY and I am 100% positive it was laced, my pupils got bigger than they have ever been, the weed looked like shit, full of seeds and no visible crystals but a bowl and I was TRIPPIN
  9. Does it smell musty/dank and not in a nuggets way but in a moldy mexican brick pack way

    Ok i just smoked out thsi guy with the weed. His pupils got huge and he was trippin soo hard.
  10. the middies around here are really bum right now, i wish i had a camera to show you, but theyre getting me fucked up almost as much as dank would
  11. i highly doubt that your weed was laced unless you were hullicinating and shit ive been smokin for 4 years and have never gotten laced weed
  12. I hope you're joking. Liquid meth would get you spun as a motherfucker and his heart rate would be anything but slow. Jesus I hope you're kidding...

    @OP: Everyone thinks shwag is such a horrible thing, especially those fucking snobby, elitist pricks who "only smoke da dankest of da dank"-everybody knows one- and they never stop to think that even though it's not as pretty or high quality, it still gets you high... Your shit wasn't laced, because there's nothing that someone could lace it with to make your body slow down, that is smokeable. Pills do not count, because people who smoke pills are fucking stupid.

  13. Hmmm, that's strange. Or are you just telling yourself that to psychologically compensate for not having dank? I mean thats what I would do If I had to smoke bammer.:D
  14. Its just the weed, some does increases the heart rate, cause dude its the chronic talking. I never think about my shit beating fast, thats for wiggers. Who knows if your shit is laced, your the one smoking it.:D
  15. You may not realize this, I think perhaps a lot of people don't, but your heart rate is always affected by smoking cannabis. It's true, the only one that's going to know whether it's laced is you.

    If you have done other drugs like pcp or crack or something then you would know better if it was laced or not, and it would probably have a different smell when it's burnt.

    And if it makes any wierd sizzling noises, then stop smoking the weed.
  16. Thats like what I get now, bricked musty stuff.... and I "spin out" if i smoke a bowl alone.... but just cause I have no tolerance right now.
  17. No one sells laced weed. Weed is the cheapest drug. It would be like selling BMW for the price of a Honda, and telling everyone it's a Honda.
    If you smoked it with someone, it would be reasonable for them to lace personal weed. But it would also be very reasonable to expect them to mention it.
  18. You're just really high, don't trip.

    Cannabis actually DOES increase your heart rate (why do you tnink they try and scare people with the heart attack shit on the anti sites?)

    This reminds me when I rolled a blunt for a friend, and he had some DIRT! Like It really had no smell... but it had a weird smell at the same time, and it was just shitty-lookin buds... easily worst lookin and smellin bud I ever did see.

    so skip forward blunt rolled me n him smoke it and I get as lifted as high mids...
    Don't judge a book by its cover.

    If gotten BOMB schwag (no, its not an oxymoron), and some SHITTY really good-lookin buds...
  19. Yeah but he said his pupils got big. People *do* get laced weed, it's just rare. I'd say it could have meth in it if it's just making you get all hyper. How long does it last?
  20. Haha yeah man I was kidding thats why I put the big smiley face as a hint. You either a. Havn't smoked in a while b. It actually wasn't that bad of weed or c. It was laced and the only thing i've seen weed laced with is wet, other words embalming fluid.


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