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Is my weed laced?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr. Jekl, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. I bought some pretty good shit from a dealer I didn't really know too well, and I've smoked some pretty good shit in my day and I've NEVER hallucinated like the way I hallucinate on this weed.

    I'm afraid that my weed is laced with PCP or something to that effect. After smoking, I go on VERY physical trips and get extremely paranoid. Although these feelings are often pretty good, I do not like the idea of smoking this shit without knowing the consequences.

    I'm not sure what to do, should I get rid of it? (yeah right!) Should I just moderate my usage? I dunno what to do! I just want to smoke!

    Thanks for your input friends, happy tokes!
  2. it smells like the dankest weed i've had in a while, but the effects are absolutely insane... hehe maybe i'm just being too paranoid like usual
  3. I'm thinking it's just really strong weed. Once I thought I had some laced shit but I later found out it was just altogether potent marijuana. I was kind of paranoid to begin with though, I hadn't smoked much weed up to that point and it looked 'funny' to me, I couldn't figure out what all the little red things were (it was green with red hairs). If you smoke it and start having an anxiety attack (an increased heart rate is a good indicator of this) then just try to calm down, you may have the impulse to start breathing faster but don't. Regulate your breathing and wait a while before you smoke more. As far as the hallucination thing goes weed can do that if you're high enough and in the right state of mind. I'm not sure if pcp is exactly known for hallucinogenic effects anyway.
  4. I've hallucinated from bud before.

    Now THAT was some dank bud :D
  5. Who cares dude - u got urself some good shit! Smile! If u wont be buying form that guy again do ya reckon he'd like a bit of musiness from me??? lol :)
  6. i doubt its laced.. i mean, i know how dealers just looove to give away free pcp without telling you and all.. but..

    besides, i can hallucinate off some killer local bud.. and you said you got your shit from here. i think you should stop worrying and buy more from your new best dealer ;)
  7. hehehe, aight thanks for the info everyone... I'll be talkin to this dealer again real soon, I don't get very violent but it does give me some great hallucinations and an almost complete loss of reality.

    haha! peace to all!
  8. Alright, a bit of a silly question but, what exactly is CHRONIC, is it like a term for SUPER POTENT bud or is it bud chemically altered or laced?
  9. I don't think it's laced. Maybe if it was just a j but not a whole bag. I've done PCP before but there was no chemical taste what so ever when I did it. The hallucinations involved with PCP are extremely intense and you feel no pain when you are on it. It sounds to me like you just have some damn good weed. Enjoy it and always remember that paranoia is your enemy. Well, so is aluminum but that's another thread.
  10. Could be killer weed.

    Could be chemicals.

    The ol' horse tranquilizer can really fuck up your head.

    Hunting all over hell for joint before we played one night up in Kansas. The bartender hooked us up with a guy and we went out back and burned one hooter between 4 people. When we started playing I was so off, I could'nt hardly even stand up! I kept forgetting to breathe I was so off!

    Dude told me later he had dusted it with some PCP.

    I fought back the urge to throw him thru the wall!

    Took about 3 hrs. for I started feeling right again.

    I would suggest letting another regular smoker try it out and see what they think. Don't say anything about it being laced, just let them try it and see if they feel as off as you did.

    It's hard to tell without a sample.

    Would you like my addy?

    About a 1/4 oz. ought to do it!:);)

  11. man.. your a hippocrate(spelling?) ... someone laced one of your joints and it really pissed you off... now ur gonna get someone to test your bud.. and not tell them that u suspect its laced... just goes to show how ignorant people can be... if one of my friends did that to me... i would beat the shit out of them... thats not cool
  12. lmao... if someone gave me some buds that were laced w/pcp i'd be happy... but i guess that's 'cause i'm one of the lucky ones who enjoy's it. if it's good it should smell like a permenant marker (or nail polish)... and you won't beable to take as big a hit as if you just had plain weed. i think you probably just got the dankest buds you've had in a while.

    pcp's known for making people violent (some people here call it mean). you also go numb, and if you were given a psychiatric evaluation while on it, you'd come up as being psychotic (same as shrooms or lsd). hallucinations are common (so is paranoia), but you don't always get them... and if you sit down it sometimes is very difficult to stand back up... it increases your heart rate... that combined with the paranoia sometimes 'causes people to think they ODed and are about to die... if that happens (and you know you didn't smoke all that much), just try to relax.

    ...and this concludes pcp 101 :D
  13. you should at least tell them that u suspect it... not sneak it to them...
  14. I guess my earlier comments did sound a little on the hypocritical side.

    I have no excuse.


    It was late, I was stoned, and I kinda wrapped the whole thing up before I fully explained what I meant.

    Like you never got high and forgot what you were doing!:p

    What I meant to say but forgot.

    Don't sit there and load hit after hit and for him. Just give him a hit, or maybe two. Then ask him if he thinks it's laced.

    My reasoning was to eliminate the power of suggestion. If you tell him ahead of time that you think it's doctored, he might convince himself it is.

    I've done this.

    Bought a hit of acid off a dude at a concert. He was very busy. Myself and 7 other people standing around him. He was telling everyone that it would take about 30 to 40 min. for it to kick in. I was convinced I was starting to trip. Until about hour later I realized I was doing it to myself. That and there were a lot of people looking for that dude! He was long gone.

    So I hope this clarifies things some.

    And if your gonna call people names, at least spell them right.:p:)
  15. shit, i remember doing angel dust, or 'the slow motion potion' and holy shit, that was a crazy trip. I enjoyed myself sooooo much, but it took me like 45 minutes to hook my VCR to the back of my TV, which included a breather, adn a smoke break, otherwise i was at it the whole time, intense stuff...
  16. the trouble with 'kid smokers' lol is that they dont know decent gear when they've got it. they put up with soming crap gear, and then when they finally get some decent smoke they shit themselves coz they're not used to it!
  17. DON'T SMOKE ANOTHER HIT OF THAT SHIT! Send it to your local weed disposing of place. the address is

    Local Weed Disposing of Place
    6671 Gardendale Rd.
    Indianapolis, IN 49036

    Thank you for your cooperation...heh
  18. sorry.. but i still dont think u should give someone weed if u suspect its laced with out telling them u suspect it laced ... unless they didnt care.. and u know that... otherwise.. go to one of your more experienced stoned.. tell them u suspect its laced... give them a hit.. and they should be able to tell...
  19. I aint really bothered mate - shit's shit's just some's crap and some aint.
    And wtf u saving good gear for? and you call urself a smoker tut tut...SMOKE THE DAMN FUCKING SHIT!!!!!
  20. hate breeder, i think its time for u to send me some samples. lol

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