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is my weed good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcasprin, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. i got given some weed as a friend owed me money so he gave me weed he grows it so gave me a very good deal and the strain is diesel. is it dank? standard? what do you think it is?

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  2. It looks good but break it open and look for little crystals on it the more you have the better it is.
  3. hard to tell, but if it reeks and smells kinda fuelly, its probably dies. How much did he owe you for him to give you a tree branch
  4. Hard to tell from the second picture since the fruits in the bowl are more focused than the nug..
  5. Get a lighter. Light the branch. Inhale. Tada! Now you should know.

  6. yea, hard to tell from the pics, the trim job makes it deceptive, as it was trimmed semi poorly (though trimming is a fucking pain in the ass so, i cant blame the grower lol especially if he was just giving it away, you can always trim that shit off)

    the 2nd nug just looks kinda premature... oh well, if it smokes good, who cares
  7. Smoke that entire nug. just stick it in your mouth and light it.
  8. look good man
  9. like somebody else said, the trim is a little bit off, but otherwise it looks good. smoke it and tell us how it is.
  10. Looks like some decent homegrown. Other than being airy and maybe a bit premature, it looks alright, just leafy. If it's got a decent cure on it I'd be pleased :). Also, the thing about homegrown buds is they can also be deceiving, I've smoked bud that didn't look too great but it was phenomenal.

    Also got some diesel at the moment, good stuff.
  11. Difficult to tell from pictures, but can't see many trichs on there, i mean nice structure but..
  12. Dude looks like he just chopped it, hung it o dry and gave it to you.
    No manicure OR cure.
    No wonder you got such a "good deal".
    Trim that shit and cure it before it's too late yo and you gota rehydrate yourself before you can cure which then would run the risk of mold.
  13. You can tell just by looking at the bud that it has a nice layer of trichomes on it. Even bad homegrown is usually pretty frosty in my experience.
  14. Yeah it doesn't looked like it had any work done to it after harvest.
    Without some decent close ups, can't say much about the potency, if its got good trichome coverage, I would be happy.
    Also smell is important too, if it's well grown diesel, it should smell like straight fuel, with maybe a light tanginess. But there are a lot of variations of diesel too, like depending on seed company, west coast sour vs nyc etc.
  15. damn bro how much money did he owe you?
  16. he owed me £70 thats $110 or 90euros for people but yea he grows his own so i got a grower deal got like 14-15grams in total and its sour diesel, smells good and is strong from what ive learned from my joint i had today
  17. lol first phrase that came to mind when I saw this thread:

    *in southern drawl* Issss mahhh weeeed guuuud?
  18. It looks like a strong sativa just because of the way it's grown.
    Looks dank too.

    Personally I'd save that stem because you don't come across those huge branches a lot unless you're a grower :D. Usually it's not a good thing but in this case it should be fine since you just received a big free waloop of his harvest.
  19. i would say if you have to ask, then probably not

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