Is my vape toxic?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JohnnyMcNaulty, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. So i got this vape about a year and a half ago with my friend from a lhs for about 80 bucks.
    Its a King Vapor vp-100. It has a digital temp display and ceramic electrofusion heating? It was a spur of the moment purchase and I didnt do any research before going into the shop. A mistake I know..
    We've used it less than 15 times since we got it, it works well but it gives off a slight taste that I'm not sure is supposed to be there as I've never used a different vape.
    My concerns are that on the side of the box it says it was made in china which leads me to believe that it is made with somewhat poor materials. Also i never heard of ceramic electrofusion heating and i cant find much info about it.

    Does anyone have any info or insight that would be helpful? Much appreciated.:smoke:
  2. Well man if I were you I would just go buy a nice good quality one and not worry about it. You will love it that much it will be worth forking out the money for.

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  3. vapes just taste bad lol you're good
  4. Its fine OP its just the lead paint china likes to use ;)
  5. Don't know what vapes your using but mine makes my bud taste like candy.
  6. I'm not sure candy is the right word, but they shouldn't taste terrible.
  7. Two things...

    1.) With about any vape you need to burn off the shit left on it during manufacturing. Turn it on full and let it sit for half hour or so. Whips may taste slightly plasticy at first, but shouldn't be too bad.

    2.) The worry with cheap or no-name china vapes is that while it may use a safe heating element, that heating element may be soldered on a board with lead and electrical components with other nasty chemicals being heated and in the air path.
    More expensive vapes are more expensive in part because they typically use medical standards in the selection of materials and acceptable temperature ranges for internal parts.
    Does your have harmful chemicals? Who knows, maybe not even the guys who designed it, lol.
    How bad is it for you? Who knows... Probably not dead next week but it may catch up to you when your older... or not. But the point is questionable vapes are just that. Not all materials are good to be heated and inhaled... Good to pay a bit more and have someone qualified give you the go ahead...
  8. Thanks for some of the answers guys.

    Whodis, that was very helpful. since im a little more experienced with the vape and using it more often now, i feel much better about using it. It doesnt give off that taste like i mentioned before, that was when we first started using it a year ago and i posted this before i actually tried it out the other night just to make sure i wasnt gonna be harmed.

    I understand what your sayin about who knows what could be in there, it seems fine right now so im just gonna keep using it occasionally untill i have the money to buy a higher quality vape.

    Thanks for the help!

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