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Is My Tolerance Too High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kb24117, Jun 18, 2013.

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    I've sort of gone all out this summer (12 days in) and I've smoked a bit over an ounce between 3 other friends (we're all fairly new). Half way through the bag i started to not have that laughing happy high and it was just a mellow, tired, fuck you kind of high. Is this a result of my tolerance being high so I won't be as giddy and happy as when i was smoking once/twice every week?

  2. Your gonna really be mad at your tolerance level when you can dome a ounce in two week by yourself...
    Yeah I smoke entirely too much weed :O
  3. an ounce of weed is nothing for me and the homies. pick up an ounce of BHO and try to finish it lol.
    we did that....hardest shit ever
  4. 12 days of insane smoking is nothing. I smoke two ounces to myself in under 2 weeks. 
    A lot of people who smoke marijuana, haven't been sober for years. 
    You are most likely starting to lose the "giggly" high and get the real stoner feeling. 
    Which is a good thing! It's not always best to be the guy who takes a bong rip and laughs so hard he wets himself. 
    But it actually sounds like you are getting bored of herb. Do you often find yourself getting bored with the same thing over and over? 

    Taking breaks will do wonders for your tolerance. I took a week break a month ago and smoked some really great dank herb. The high felt like I hadn't ever smoked weed before. 
    Spice up your smoking life too! 
    Your smoking life can be improved so much. 
    Get a vaporizer! Get a bong if you don't have one. Put ice in the bong. Get a hookah! Put ice in the hookah! 
    Look up cool ways to smoke! Find better herb! Find out what you like! 

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