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Is My System Clean?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aggrotokin, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. I'm 5'6 and 185 lbs. I smoked May 7th, 8th, 9th and the 13th. I took a month tolerance break before that. I've been doing 25 pushups when I wake up and 20 when I go to bed (not much I know) and have been riding my bike at least 8 miles everyday if not more. I have a test on the 7th or 13th and I want to know if I'm clean yet. If not, how long will it be 'till I am?

  2. Youre a fuckin idiot. The only way one of us wikl be able to tell if your clean or not is if we show up and give you a damn drug test. These dumb questions really make this forum look like a childs site.

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  3. Don't exercise before a drug test, worst thing to do. The metabolites they test for are stored in body fat. By exercising, you burn this body fat, releasing the metabolites into circulation again. Increasing the concentration that would be picked up in your urine, even if you're using dilution method to pass the test.
  4. I wasn't planning to do the dilution method. So, just don't exercise and I should be alright?
  5. I wouldn't exercise, you can't possibly remove all the metabolite stores in time for a test, could take months. You're just increasing the thc metabolites in your blood stream by exercising, which leads to increased chance of failing the dt.
  6. Should I just go with the dilution method?
  7. I did a test run. I drank 24 oz of water. then took 25 mgs of B12 its was only a pale yellow. Is this fine?
  8. I would drink more water than that and maybe take a few aspirins the day before and the day of the test as aspirin can produce a false negative. It doesnt really matter how much B12 you take as long as your piss is the color it should be.  
  9. My test is tomorrow, and I didn't know so I wasn't able to load up on red meat. How can I raise my creatine levels FAST?
  10. Buy a home test kit and test yourself first. The clinics out here in Cali date back 90 days. If you smoked a joint 2 and a half months ago, they will find the slightest trace of THC in you. They will find it.
  11. @
    I'm not in Cali. The test is tomorrow.
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    Yeah really, I came back after a year break on here and this shit is all I see.


    "parent drug test, what to do!?!?"

    "Smoked before drug test, oh shit"

    "Test of the drugs" 

    Eh, but not to be a dick to you, sorry. A question is a question. You SHOULD be okay, just drink lots of water/cranberry juice and google some good techniques. 
  13. hey man, if all other indications fail you, simply buy a cheap-o pharmacy test kit from the corner shop, it's fool proof (not to call you a fool).  also, you're a little heavier with makes it extremely difficult to get rid of the stuff in your system.  pound the water, continue the exercise, but i'd suggest going to a sauna and sweating while drinking water regularly for at least a week.  also, consider focusing on your problem areas in terms of where you store the most fact.  this target training will undoubtedly help your progress where it counts the most.
  14. I know that I'm overweight. I was told that I shouldn't work out close to a drug test because it releases to much metabolites to be covered up by dilution. My drug test is tomorrow
  15. Please post the results. I'm curious
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  16. Do you think I'll fail?
  17. I know the clinic they send me to will find a joint smoked in 90 days. I don't know about the test method they use on you.
  18.  The test is for Informal Supervision (like probation only I visit once a month)
  19. sorry if i wasn't helpful. 

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