Is my sprout normal, down syndrome?*PICS*

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Indi420, May 31, 2009.

  1. Shes a new girl, but she is very droopy my other sprout is the same way I don't know if it is how they are supposed to look so young but her leaves are really droopy.

    Just gemme some advice on the matter :smoking:

    Do I have anything to worry about?

  2. I know nothing about growing but if I had to guess I would say its not looking to good for your sprout.
  3. It looks fine. Is it bagseed?

    It's not going to look like much until it starts truly vegging. Right now, I would call it a seedling. Once you get a few nodes you can start LST if you want. It's the way to go, imo. Just make sure you don't over water. It looks like a big pot for a seedling, to encourage the roots to grow, they have to be dry enough to want to seek out water. So a short wet/dry cycle is good, I think, for young plants especially.
  4. naaawww i say you have nothing to worry about..

    let it get bigger and then if its heeeelllllaaaa droppy then worry.. its barily droopy btw and usually droopiness is from overwatering which is like the easiest problem to fix.

  5. Hey BtBR, thank's for the imput chief. To answer your question she is a lowryder #2


    I'll let her dry out a little bit I thought I was supposed to keep seedlings moist so I have been giving her a small mist from a squirt bottle every few hours, I'll stop doing that and see how she does :)
  6. your leaves are droopy cuz they are overwatered. Don't start seeds in 8" pots use cups (no light can penetrate to hit the roots) and transplant 2-3 weeks later. Fill the soil to the top of the cup or you'll be cutting the cup so the fan to put some breeze on it. So if you an extra 8" pot, fill it with your soil (don't wet it) and when the pots feel the same it is time to water and try to use something smaller if you can next time for seed starting. best of luck
  7. Any perlite in there? Shit looks very "muddy" to me. Which isn't good for seedlings.

    And I agree with the above post. Use a much smaller container (plastic cup) to start, then transplant. I'd scoop it out now and put it in something smaller.

  8. Yea there is perlite, but she is looking way better now than when I took those pictures. I'm not worried anymore :hello:
  9. Cool man! Keep us posted!

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