Is my soil okay!? Help! :(

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  1. Hello all! I am sorry for the newbie urgency, but I'm well over-budget and I'm in dire need of assistance.

    I have made my soil mix and let it "cook" for a month. It's a fantastic mix that I'm going to cover in my grow journal.. but I am slightly concerned.

    What I did was use InTheGarden's "Organic Beginner's Soil Mix" as a basic outline, and then amended it only slightly. The biggest difference was that I used rice hulls as an aeration amendment.

    ANYWAYS, before I digress, I made the mix, and poured an ACT onto it about 3 days after I made it, and then just LEFT it. That's it. I was out of the state for holidays, and a little over a month later I am devastated to find that my mix is DRY AS A BONE!!!!!

    Have I "killed" my soil?

    I sincerely hope not… I am currently brewing an ACT to give it, and then I'm gonna wait two more weeks to plant…

    Someone make me feel better.
  2. :)

    Stop sweating - you're fine - moisten it up again.

    Welcome to our dirty corner of the net.

  3. By the way, thank you for doing your homework and taking it upon yourself to get things right.

    Seriously - you have no

  4. My God, thank you both. Haha.

    Jerry, I hope you'll check out my other thread:

    I tagged you in it, lol. I'm going all-organic, 400W LED, 3x3 tent, indoor. InTheGarden is subbed to it, but she's been AWOL for a while now. :\ I will need some Veteran assistance!

    I will post some sweet pictures to it soon, detailing the process I used to create my precious mix.

    SOIGNE, are we going for higher or lower decomposition rates here?

    Thanks To All.
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    You want a higher decomposition rate. That is why the sip technique is becoming all the rage around here. The more active the microbes the faster they can make usable nutrients available to the plant.
    That link covers quite a bit. I've read over it many times now and learn something new each time. It's a lot to take in all at once. Glad I could help set your mind at ease.


  6. Relieve my ignorance? :\
  7. Sub irrigated planter = sip

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