is my seedling screwed?

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    please tell me what to do, its my last purple cheese seed! i've seen my friends grows and none of the newley sprouted seeds looked like this

    it's leaves won't open and it's been under 3 26watt CFL bulbs bout 2 inches away from it with a fan going also. it's in a mix of 3 parts jiffy seedlng mix 2 parts earthworm castings and 2 parts vermiculite 1/2 parts FFOF

    it's leaves are also kind of hard feeling not like leafy at all..also really skinny right before it gets to the leaves ( almost looks crunchy but i guess its not)i was afraid it already died so i dug it up to see if the root was still white and that explains the picture
    i'm a complete noob on growing..COMPLETE. so just help me out.
    its so tiny you can barely see it
  2. really nothing you can do but wait it out. its a in a especially fragile stage right now..cannabis after that stage is pretty robust.

    Next time dont dig them up let them be.

    Your soil might be to hot mixing all that together. I just use straigh fox farms ocean nothing else added....really nothing is needed to be added to it.
  3. should i keep it under the light still? i'm afraid its frying it since the leaves feel hard but my soil has never dried out completely besides a little bit on the surface so i don't know.
  4. You might wanna move them up some. Your seedlings have no light requirements till they get there 1st set of leaves.
  5. That happend to me all you have to do is take a tooth pick and carefully split the cotyledons so they open up and it is allowed to grow a leaf and take in light it didn't need it at that stage all it needs is moisture until there is leaf present
  6. That happened to me on my last seedling. Look real close and see if there is still a clear coat around it i peeled it off mine and now shes a beauty
  7. Be gentle if there is
  8. Oh shit nm i didnt see you dug it up ha stoonnnned
  9. I've been doing a lot of research in preparation for my grow. First make sure you don't put the seed down too deep, that can stop it from coming out the soil at all (1 inch no deeper). Also never dig a seed once its been planted. If any seed (not just marijuana) doesn't sprout from the soil within approximately 72 hours, its probably dead. If you start with good soil to grow tomatoes, or green peppers, or what have you, you virtually don't even need nutrients at any point during the cycle (a small boost during flowering perhaps) - marijuana isn't any different than those other plants in this regard.

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