Is my seedling healthy??

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  1. Hi there, my seedling is about 2 weeks old and is starting to look different than my other seedlings.

    I am using a 35 wat Led and 2 25 way cfls for 4 seedlings
    I am using promix organic mixture soil mix

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  2. It looks healthy. May I suggest filling up your cup with soil and covering the sides of the cup so that light doesn't get to the roots. Good luck. :)
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  3. a bit more promix and a bit more perlite added will help you from over watering it as well ..mac
  4. ... and you DO have proper drainage in the bottom of the cup, right?
  5. thanks for your advice, the only tape i have avaible is green tape so i covered the cup with that, i suspect that a small amount of light is getting through, is this ok?
  6. yes of course, i have a little root sticking out of my drainage hole, is this a bad thing? how can i fix that, thanks in advance.
  7. will do, do you think that the leaf is clawing? i researched a little and found some plants with the same clawing as mine and they were from nitrogen toxicity. do you think this could be happening to my plant??

    thanks in advance :)
  8. The clawed leaf is visible the most in the second picture :)
  9. i cant see any clawing ,no way have you got N toxicity ,,why dont you pot the plant up in to bigger pot with a mix of what your growing and 30% perlite ,,,you will see the plant really take off then ,,
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  10. Thanks, so just to be clear your recommending a transplant? Because I don't have a large supply of lights and I need to keep my canopy as small as possible until I can move the plants outside. When do you think a transplant to a bigger pot will be necessary?
  11. when you transplant use a bigger pot just to get a good root ball before you put it outside in that little cup theres hardly any soil in it any way ,,get it in a bigger pot ,pot doesnt have to be that big just say 6in pot you'l get bigger roots for when you put it out side ,,,mac,
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