Is my seedling healthy?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by tomnomk, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone, so I am completely new to growing and thought I might as well just plant a seed that I came across in some of the bud that I had (I know, it might not be female but I'm just doing this as a 'test run' for when I order actual seeds). So it has been about 3-4 days since it broke the soil, and the right leaf is starting to droop down a bit. There isn't much wrong with the color of the seedling, it is mostly green, more light green towards the middle of the two sucker leaves. The stem is also looking pretty decent (I think), it has little hairs growing on it and its mostly a greenish color. I couldn't get my hands on foxfarm soil, so I used Miraclegro Natures Care Organic soil mixed with Black Kow Manure. It's currently under two 100w Natural Daylight CFL's (5000k) running 24 hours a day until I switch over to 18/6. The temperature is staying above 70 degrees and less than 78 constantly. The soil has been moist for about 2 days now, and I haven't felt the need to water it. Am I in the right direction or am I heading towards a failure?
  2. Well I wouldn't water it for while let it dry up for abit. How big is the container? If and when you transplant to a bigger pot, add a generous amount of perlite to the new soil before transplant, least 25 percent by volume.. Regular potting soil without perlite is compact a lot and become hard.

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