Is my seedling healthy?

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  1. are my babies healthy? they are getting yellow tips,

    medium : coco coir
    age: 1 week
    nutes used : flora trio + cal+mag,

    since they sprouted, i gave them the week 1 schedule on attached nute sched.

    the other one grow slowly but the other one is fast, it might be because Ive transplanted them to bigger pots. also

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  2. They are to small to be using nutrients. You want three sets of leaves then nutrients.
  3. What ppm was the solution?
  4. @Jtrjesse, i havent used ppm meter but I guess yeah im doing an over nutrients, but I flushed them yesterday with phd water, shoudl I wait to feed theme nutes while there is still cotyledon?
  5. Three sets of leaves not one set of leaves and a cotyledon. I had to look up that word (cotyledon).
  6. By the way what was your pH? You need a Ec/ppm meatier. This we'll tell you how strong your solution is. Very important.
  7. Thanks Jtrejesse, my ph is around 6.0, just purchased ppm and will let you know once I got it, anyways

    here's the clearer picture from today ( after 12 hours ), i think its now clear it is a nutrient burn. how long should I feed them water without nutes? [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Three sets of leaves then nutes for the there time lol
  9. Ideal pH is 5.8
  10. is it still three sets of leaves considering im using rapid rooters on germination and coco coir?
  11. Idk I always here 3 sets of leaves. It's always better to underfed than over feed.
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