is my scale calibrated right?

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. you guys. i went to see if my scale was woring right first and i put a penny on it to see the weight. it said 2.2 grams. i put a nickel on it and it weighted out to be 4.1.

    i went to go put a bag on it that ibought... supposed to be like 35-40 grams and it said 30.... its weird.. its not for "donation" i just wanted to see if i got what i was supposed to.
  2. I know that a nickel is supposed to weigh 5 grams. So it should be off by .9
  3. I use Marlboros to check mine

    it should always be a .9

    I've also used 1000mg vitamin c tablets

    know its probably safer to use currency but meh it's what I know and have on hand almost always
  4. Nickels should be 4.9-5 G's (the new nickels weigh 4.9.. I THINK).
  5. my scale is on point to the fullest..

    a penny weighs - 2.4g

    a nickel weighs - 5.1g

    and a dime is - 2.2g
  6. A dollar is 1 gram. Try that for size.
  7. yeah its old so it a lil low. k doesnt make me feel like i got rippsed off
  8. anyone know how much CDN money weighs?

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