Is my "religion" a religion?

Discussion in 'General' started by dslam, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I have been so confused my whole life because people ask me what my religion is but i havent ever heard of anyone but me that believes in it.
    In a nutshell:
    - Our spirits are all united and through our love we are God.
    - Heaven and Hell are metaphors referring to the way we live our lives.
    - When we die we give mother earth back our lives and they are recycled through the cycle of energy.
    - The Bible is a tool to find morals from and Jesus was a teacher of morals and spread love.
    - I believe in evolution.
    -Ganga is the key to finding ourselves and understanding others.

    Idk what I am. But I'm a very spiritual open minded person so I dont want to be considered as an athiest. Any ideas or similar views?

    + No one should be ignorant or put anyone down for their ideas because we are all entitled to find who we are.
  2. Atheism doesn't have to mean that you aren't spiritual or open minded. It's just not believing in any deities.

    Though your beliefs sound more inline with pantheism to me.
  3. Well my family is a very christian based family. They think people that dont believe in God go to hell. So that leaves me in a weird place.
  4. I looked up the background on pantheism. It sounds closer than lot of things. but do I tell my family I believe in God? But not believing in an everlasting heaven or hell rule out pantheism. I believe the quality of your life and the vibes you fill your energy with effect the way it will be passed on forever. But not like reincarnation.
  5. You dont need a religion. You can believe whatever you want to believe without being labeled.
  6. Fuck labels. You are you.

  7. A religion isn't a label, that's like saying society is a label.

  8. Ok, let me rephrase that, you don't need a religion. Period.
  9. In Utah you get treated better if you are Mormon, my experience so far in Colorado has shown they favor you if you are Christian, in Illinois it was Catholicism.

    Tell anyone you are a deist and with the confused fuckin' look on their face you are automatically shamed because you do not "Believe" enough, whatever the fuck that means.

    Religion is a label, society has labels...And society is rather fucked. Not my first choice of people to decide what I am.
  10. Yes, this. Its like the many blades who make threads asking what strain they have... what does it matter?
  11. Well whenever I smoke I become so spiritual and really find what I believe. Obviously Im going to believe it no matter what its labeled. But in a world full of categories I feel like my beliefs should be in one and other people believ like I do..
  12. sounds like nuketownism
  13. Well your getting deep man, like Holden Caulfield Catcher in the Rye deep man

  14. Well that was original Nuke. Haha.
    i have recently decided that I don't give a flying fuck.
    Ill tell them to burry me with a fire extinguisher

  15. Arent mormonism and catholicism christianity in themselves?
  16. It's just different denominations. They place emphasis on different scriptures and have different traditions and such. Even though they are pretty similar the slight differences can cause huge amounts of hostility. The church I attend is Baptist and the church of God across the street are a bunch of ass holes.
  17. Just say you're spiritual and believe in a higher power..gets most christians off your back
  18. That sounds like good advice.
    Im pretty over it. Im ok with being confused about a name.
    Im not confused about my beliefs and thats what counts.
  19. Exactly man, people ask what religion I am, I tell them I don't have one and they say "oh, you are an athiest?" No, I am lisa. Thats it.

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