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Is my recent anger/impatience caused by my cannabis usage?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lost492, May 17, 2010.

  1. Hi GC, always been more of a lurker than a poster. Any how, I have been smoking about 4 months give or take a few weeks and I have been smoking about 1-2 times a week, 3 being on the high side. I usually don't get completely blazed just a nice little buzz going, and I have never used any other drugs other than marijuana and alcohol.

    Recently, well actually today my mother told me lately I've seemed to be angry and get angry about a lot of things... I never am feening to smoke so it is not caused by anything like that, but after she said it I kind of noticed how short my temper has been and how impatient I have been. I have always been slightly impatient especially with stupidity as many people are, but it seems that it might of grown into impatient with a lot of things as well getting angry quick. I have been stressed out with my school work lately seeing as I am finishing up my first year at community college so that has put some stress on me, and I have been frustrated and nervous with that a little bit...

    But after all of that background my question is... Is marijuana having any affect on my anger/impatience?

    Thanks GC.
  2. You said yourself you are not feening to smoke so it is not caused by anything like that. And that you have been stressed out from your school work lately.

    I believe you have answered your own question :)?

  3. I notice the same thing, and I haven't smoked in weeks. Probably some other variable in our lives thats totally unrelated. ;)
  4. How often do you use.

    I used to be that way, short temper, always pissed at something, etc. But have become much more patient and relaxed since regularly self medicating with cannabis. Maybe you are noticing that it males you a more calm person as well...

  5. I find it funny how if you or I or the OP went to a doctor or therapist and said "Yea doc I've been feeling short tempered lately. Stupid things make me upset. I fly off the handle." they'd probably be quick to prescribe you something. Yet these so called "experts" claim that alcohol or drug use is detrimental to emotional health and is not a good way to deal with stress or relax. Yea ok doc, load me up with "real" medicine and I'll be fine. No, I think I'll just stick with good ol' mary jane :smoking:
  6. I doubt its your weed use. I smoke every day, and occasionally when I'm not baked I'll have a fairly short temper... but I think thats what I'm like normally lol. Usually when I'm high I'm just way too relaxed to get mad at anything. The only times I get easily annoyed when I'm baked is when people who I don't want to talk to start talking to me and won't shut the fuck up. Fuck.

  7. See I am never always pissed normally I am very happy, but I just feel like recently I get pissed easier and am super impatient. Even when I am happy I am very impatient with things... I think it might have something to do with just living in a town filled with people and everything being crowded.

    I definitely do not want to medicate my anger/impatience with marijuana though, I slightly feel like since using my world has opened up in such a way that I notice how stupid people are sometimes and that is what makes me angry.

    My mother could've just been being sensitive, and ended up making me think I have been angrier lately. For example, everything has been converted over to digital cable and there are quite a few TV's in our house and I had to setup alllll of the converter box's which should take about 5 minutes a piece assuming they work correctly... Of course some didn't so I was a little irritated, and then it got time to hook up a digital cable box in my room which came with no instructions what so ever so I had to kind of wing it thinking it wouldn't be to hard I ended up spending a hour and a half messing with it finally looking at the clock I realized how long I had spent... Freaked out a bit, and instead of throwing it out the window like I had the urge to I just took it down stairs and put it in the trash to get it out of my sight.

    The next example was last night, I was with some friends and my parents car started having trouble with the breaks smoking in the back so I had to go over pick them up and take them back home. Since I was at a house they wanted me to look up rental car places, and a lincoln dealership they could have it towed to... Instead of asking me to do one thing at a time they were yelling out orders like I was a octopus working 8 computers, so I ended up getting frustrated and kind of pissed and just told them to go one at a time or I am hanging up. Then once picking them up, I was driving and I was looking for some input of which way to take home, instead I received the 4 different routes I could take from my mother, not which one I should take so I got pissed and was just like or I could take a spaceship to the moon so which fucking way? not all of the different routes, just which one.

    I am sure I am answering my own question that it's just circumstances for the most part, I just am wondering if anyone has had any experiences with light usage causing you to be angry(not when your high).
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    EXACTLY!oldSCHOOL They would rather prescribe some crazy hard drugs that only destroy your body and turn you into a mental zombie.

    What's even funnier is that these anti-depressants can make some people even more depresssed[and maybe suicidal].

    to op:
    I know what you mean in that it opens your mind up and makes you notice how ignorant the majority of the population is. I think you will feel better if you vent and educate anyone who will listen, it may make you feel a buy better.
    I have felt the same way thinking damn why can't other people think with such an open mind?! They are so ignorant in their little bubble... But SOMEtimes it's easier to say fuck it and nor care about what other people think.

    It seems like your mother is the one making you get angry on a dime so that's why it looks like she the only one who notices. Sounds like your just having a bad day, the stress level of your surroundings should level out. Just relax and remember to breathe when something irritates you, just chill out
  9. The opposite happens to me when i smoke. I used to have a really bad temper and every little thing would tick me off. Then i started smoking and got more calm and more patient in general, even when i wasn't high. Now I have a job that drug tests and i haven't smoked in about a month (used to smoke multiple times daily) and everyone has told me ive been getting more testy and my temper has been coming back. It really sucks.
  10. alright i belive im in that same situation. today i believe i havent smoked in 4 or 5 days and this afternoon i got into an outrage trying to get the old Ford riding lawn mower going yes i said a ford lawnmower haha and yes it is as old as shit but still goes with a 5 foot cutting deck it cuts like a dream. anywho the battery was dead there was no fuel the tires were flat the more i looekd at it the more pissed off i bbecameand it was awful the long story short about 2 hours later trying to get it started i ended up kicking the wall being a cement foundation the shitty walmart sneakers didnt really offer as much protection my every day chippawa loggers offer so i broke my big toe got extremly pissed that i just did that so i ppunched the nearst thing being a glass vase smashing that and cutting my knuckles. after that i realized im a jackass haha and i should cool it before a falling piano lands on me lol. so i got the band aids out and finished the job but i figured it was time enough to get a bag and ease my pain. i realized i really do calm down alot when im stoned and im not in the least bit an angry guy when im in that state of mind. maybe there is something in weed that makes you a little short temperd but i dont know. thats why i started my first outdoor grow so that this summer the lawn will be taken care of with out any sort of tempertantrums haha.

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