Is My Plastic Homemade Bong Safe?

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  1. I'm already aware that I can buy a safe glass bong, don't suggest it. I'm making a homemade bong/bubbler.(haven't decided which to go with.) I'm using a three year old never used cylindrical roll-on deodorant tube. Unfortunately I realized after gutting it and burning a hole through it for a stem, that I didn't know what type of plastic it is. None of the stickers had a number or recyclable sign on it. It's extremely durable and rather thick for a deodorant bottle. I'm gonna, of course, use a steel pen for the stem and bowl. My man concern is the plastic. Here's some pictures of it... image.jpg View attachment 1220992 image.jpg image.jpg

    If I wrap the outside with electrical tape, and also wrap the parts of the pen that will come in contact with the plastic (to prevent it from heating the plastic) will it be safe? Or will the marijuana itself somehow pull toxins from the plastic when I try and smoke out of it.

    Much appreciated.
  2. make a gravity bong fuck this piece of shit.  :bongin:
  3. Already made a 2 liter one my man(that im also questioning the safety of), trying to go for some a little more inconspicuous and portable.
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    Nothing about that sounds good for you. The electic tape won't stop the heat from getting to the plastic it probably makes it worse. If you want to make a safe homemade go buy a metal tube, some JB Weld, and something for a metal bowl preferably a socket. The JB Weld is safe up to 550 degrees so it won't let of any fumes and will seal it up way better than glue or tape.
  5. Anything with the word plastic when it comes to smoking is definately not safe.
  6. Ghetto contraption 
  7. As long as the steel tube/bowl is far from the plastic cynlidar, then you should be ok. Dont get flame near the plastic. Ever watch the TV show Wlifred? Do you see what they use? It's a gatorade bottle.
  8. Plastic is plastic and heat from the smoke will absorb it. Even the duct tape will too. I suggest buying a glass vase, and using a diamond bit drill end (20 bucks) and drilling a hole in the vase, use a grommet, and a glass stem/bowl. Should run you a grand total of 30 bucks and make as many bongs as you like.

    Also, glass buckets are the best if you're looking to conserve weed (and get suuuper high)
  9. Use an apple
  10. I made one but felt unsafe using it.

    Thinking about buying a glass bongstem/bowl for it should that make it safe?
  11. Hopefully that shits in the trash by now. Don't use plastic man.
  12. I've made a few plastic bongs in my time, especially before I ever bought my own piece..and as long as you are sure you won't be heating up the plastic much it will be fine
    You DO NOT want to have plastic burning/giving off smoke
  13. I hate to dump on people's threads since I'm new, but I see people post things like this, and I'm compelled to say something. I like the creativity, but smoking out of ghetto crap like that is ridiculous. There's no need for it. Roll joints, or get a sneak a toke, or something. Think about how much you pay for herb (or effort you spend to grow it). Why not make a tiny investment in a decent smoking piece? Unless you're making something aesthetically pleasing, or more functional than what you can buy, it's not worth it.
  14. Just put down the plastic and try to find a way to get a little glass pipe. You can get some for really cheap

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  15. Why do some stoners have to make things all over complicated and shit. Can't you make a simple pipe out of a empty water bottle and a metal socket? I've done this many a time and they hit really hard, and it's cool to watch the smoke tornado into your lungs. It's a lot easier and will probably work better than that ghetto crap.
  16. I just like quality. I've made my own pieces out of plastic and stuff in the past but they're really just not that good. Why not just invest like 7$ into a small glass pipe and see the big difference?

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  17. You can use it 5 times until toxins leek out and you would be inhailing a chemical which makes you shoot blanks if you know what i mean. And other chemicals. So plastic is not ideal and frequent use may result in health problems carful bro.

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