Is my plant stretching to much?

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  1. This is 5 day old kandy kush, veggin 24/0. I put it outside during day light and have it under a light during the night time, just a 60w incadescent but iv switched it to a cfl.

    Seems like its taller then it should be wondering if its stretched and if its a problem
  2. Sometimes when growing from seed they can stretch a little, just make sure when u repot it that u bury the stem upto the cotyledon (round leaves) or just below. Also take that tinfoil off as all that will do is vreate heat spots and more than likely burn your seedling.

    Can I ask for some info on your setup and strain ie lights grow area soil and so on :)

    Also if you have not filled the pot you are using with soil as I notice now its quiet big so guess you won't be repotting for a while then I suggest adding a little more soil to bury a bit of that stem. How far away are u having the lights from the top of the plant?
  3. Looks like you're outdoor, so the stretching is normal. Most outdoor plants get pretty tall. And as budda said, take that foil off. All the little crinkles in it will basically act like a lazer and burn your plant. One reason it could be so tall, is because it's in such a big container. Cannabis loves room to grow it's roots, so it might just be thriving is all. When you get a few more sets of leaves, look at the distance between the nodes. If it's got a lot of distance between the nodes, it's stretching too much. You want the nodes close together. That's a good way to see if it's stretching too much.
  4. Yuuup get that foil outta here!
  5. yes that is stretched, probably from using an incandescent light. as it put on more leafs it will tip over and die unless you transplant, and bury the stem just about up to the round leafs.
  6. good suggestions, the pot isnt 100% full so i could add maby another inch, inch and a half on there. I will take the foil off. Right now its outdoor yes but its just meant to be a mother plant for cuttings for indoor hydro setup.

    Atm there really is no lighting besides a light bulb i keep over it at night time when i move it in from outside, the daylight hours are still enough to keep it in veg but i think that that won't last to much longer. I was using an incandescent light bulb inside which iv read is worthless, im switching it to a cfl i have tonight but, will that cause it to stretch more then no light at all?

    When i grow the cuttings hydro i'll be running 3 600w MH/HPS in a 6x6 room, still considering wether to go dwc or ebb and flow, thanks.
  7. Using a flouro u should keep the light around 3 inches away to stop the stretching, also u say u are using a bulb plus daylight so how many hours exactly is the plant getting? U can have 24 hours straight light and it will stay in veg but u should in my opinion give it some dark time as that is when it roots instead of grows and a healthy plant needs a good root system to stay healthy. I reccomend using your flouro light for 18 hours and the rest u should keep it in the dark with no light leaks if possible. Keep tempps to around 22 at dark and 25 during light. Humidity should be around 55-60 percent :)

    Need any more help just shout and I'm sure someone will jump in to help
  8. I would be careful bringing a plant from outside, inside. You don't want to introduce pests to your setup. I'm currently flowering Kandy Kush and I noticed it likes to stretch a lot. If you're going to bring it inside, I would make sure you keep an eye on the height of your lights to keep it from stretching a lot.

  9. Use only a T5 High Output or a high-output induction or HID or plasma, otherwise the light isn't right and it will stretch. Outdoors in full sun does not cause stretch.

    Your stem is thick enough and the plant is not so top heavy that it's keeling over.

    I suggest not growing out only one seed of anything, because then you have crazy worry if that one fails. Invest in multiple seeds of the strains you want, if possible.

    Put a very light fan breeze on the seedling, which builds its stem structure.

    Good luck.
  10. you know what i thought it was pretty close but now i relise the light was quite far away, probably 12-14", when i change the bulb into cfl I'll make sure to lower it to 3-4". The first night that i put it inside under the light it was literaly twice as tall the next morning, and it grew another 25% higher the next night.

    And buddahaze i know alot of people run 24/0 and dont have any problems are you sure i need to give it some dark time? remember also that this mainly going to be a motherplant for some clones, although i doubt ill just throw her away after but i just need to get it big enough to take 6 cuttings as quickly as possible.

    appreciate the responses
  11. its fairly breezy outside so its getting abit of a work out, maby if the light isnt right i should just stop keeping it under a light over-night and just let it rest, i'll have my setup ready in a few weeks and then i can treat it more properly if it isnt big enough for clones, which it shouldnt be.

  12. The dark tme helps with leaf, root, stem, etc growth. It's good to have at least a couple hours of dark. You can veg in 24/0 light but it will have a little bit weaker stem and branches.
  13. 24 hours light is fine if that's what works for you, I was just givin my two cents as to what I prefer, but again everyone has there own ways.

    You will do well as you are and I hope you do :)

    Happy growing dude
  14. I do appreciate it and i think i will give it a dark period, i need to be realistic about not having the proper lights just yet
  15. Plants use dark time to thrive in rooting also during dark times it helps with recovery from stress if any also I find that watering them an hour before dark works as with any olant they can burn from heat when watered which is why I do not water my garden during the day. I'm not sayin it will definatly happen but that's just the way I do things. Keep us updated :)
  16. [quote name='"buddahaze1"']Plants use dark time to thrive in rooting also during dark times it helps with recovery from stress if any also I find that watering them an hour before dark works as with any olant they can burn from heat when watered which is why I do not water my garden during the day. I'm not sayin it will definatly happen but that's just the way I do things. Keep us updated :)[/quote]

    Really? I water mine at Midday of the light cycle...

    I think for my room the humidity would cause mold or something when watering at Night...

    But that's just my opinion
  17. I meant my front garden of the house, I have watered during the day before and noticed burn so I guess I just took that lesson and used it in my grow room too. I'm not saying that it does hurt but its the way I like to do things, humidity has never really been a problem of mine but I guess if it is for you then its best to water during the light cycle :)
  18. Ooooh okay see I'm indoor and you are one of those outdoor people lol JK :)

  19. Lol nah I can't grow weed outdoors in this country your mad, I meant just my front yard in general. I'm an indoor grower check my sig for the new grow :)

  20. I've heard it's not a good idea to feed right before dark period. You should feed like an hour before light goes on.

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