is my plant springing back into its flower?

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  1. hello again all :) i posted a thread about a week or so ago wondering if my plant was reverting back to veg.I had a few answers saying it maybe thrown back a few weeks (hope so :p) i topped it 2 half weeks into flower(i know..big no no) due to it been 5 feet tall and scraggly at the top (also a little later flower starter).again im back a week or so later with some better pics of the plant in description hoping to get a better answer due to better pics ofc ;)..most nodes are now sprowting new growth where it should with very few pistils if any in places,looks like veg growth but im hoping its getting its arse into gear and thriving to flower again,,what small buds it had are loosing pistils and very sparse indeed,,will these spring back to life? there is no sign at all of it been hermie as i have checked it every day closely..all plants are 4 weeks and 2 days in flower and thriving how they should be if not better haha looking very dank.all ph is around 6-6.5.there under 400w hps fed with seacomplex from work npk 4-3-4 with ca and mgo.Here are some pics below the ones named poorbud and newgrowth are the plant in description the other snaps are some fine bud of my other babies.please take time to answer to my post and leave me your thoughts.also do i let this plant carry on to see what happens? thanks for reading and happy smoking:smoking::smoking::)

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  2. sorry for double post needed space for pic count this as 1st post

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  3. Anyone?:rolleyes:

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