Is my plant size right?

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  1. Basically I have an AK-47 Lowryder which has just hit 4 weeks from seed, it is grown outdoors in the UK and the weather is sunny but not great. I was wondering if it is the right size, as currently it only has 2 round leaves and 2 large spiky leaves, with 2 more spiky leaves developing now on top. It isn't very tall, so i'm wondering whether it's to short. Anyone tell me if it's the right size?
  2. A month out? I don't know much about UK weather but thats short. I'd say it should have at least 5 bladed leaves already, even just one set, and be about 3-4 inches tall.
  3. For comparrison: this is one of my seedlings at exactly 5 DAYS old, seems to fit your description rather well.

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  4. What soil mix do you use.

  5. What soil Mix do you use?

  6. Also what type of soil are you using and how much water to?
  7. Straight organic from behind my barn with some perlite.
  8. Well it's a mix of nutrient rich compost, regular soil, vermiculite and bone meal. Pretty terrible I know but I have now bought some Bio Bizz All Mix which should be better. Also I water every 2-3 days. Also Mango mine is very similair but the leaves are a fair bit larger.
  9. summit must of happened...

    here's mine at Day 6:confused:
    4wks in you should at least have the 5 finger leaves on "like above comment said earlier"..

    I'm transplanting mine outside on Day 14.. I also bought 2 50Ltr Bio Terra Plus Soil :rolleyes: the seedlings are in jiffy peat pellets "been using water only".
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    Well my plant is indoors so yours should be bigger then this. Plus mines bag seed with the cheapest potting soil from lowes.

    This one is about 4 weeks old

    This one is 6 days

    This one is 5 days
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    The 4 week old one has shown its sex(FEMALE), it has 5 sets of branches and is just now developing its 5 bladed leaves. They will all go outside come the last frost and the first lovely lady will hopefully be a monster, approx veg time of 2 months + the whole summer= I don't know where im gunna dry these big azzz buds haha.
  12. All yours look great guys but clearly mine has been stunted by the weather or something cos it is around the same size as microgrower's at Day 6. Does the fact its an autoflower make difference?
  13. Here is a link to photo taken today at 3weeks 4days looks a bit small...

    Welcome to Flickr!
  14. Shouldnt't. But as long as you keep it alive come until the hours of light pick up it should take right off. My suggestion is bring it inside under some CFL's or at least a sunny window sill, but I know not everyone is able to do that.
  15. Yh it seems to be picking up, the weather's bless at the moment. :)

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