Is my plant showing male preflowers? ( PICS)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by InkdUp, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody. I just threw my 6 and a half week old plants into flower yesterday and I noticed what looks like male preflowers. I hope this isnt the case because my two biggest plants are showing a few of these. Im thinking they might be leaves growing in between branches. Take a look at the pics provided any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  2. im not a pro by any stretch of the imagination but pics 1 and 3 look like balls bro sorry...
  3. Hm. I would say, one quite possibly. 2 Not sure, and three definitely. They might open up and let hairs out. This is the awkward stage where you aren't sure if it is male or female. Wait a few days, and you will know, hope this relatively ambiguous post was helpful.
  4. Im sure you have some idea what your looking for but for refrence sake this helped me out
    sadly one and 3 look alot like males and 2 i cant really see, but good luck man! pop a few backups, by the time your forsure, they'll be sprouted and if u have 2 chop ull atleast have a few new babies:smoke:


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  5. im with closetgrassmann....
  6. ditto. #3 is definitely male, even to my inexperienced eye. (Based on all the web image research I've done)
  7. Yep unfortunately I have one female and killed two males. At least i wasnt three for three lol. Thanks for the help all
  8. Yeah I had the same problem the other day, and that sense of loss takes a while to lose... :( It's all for the best.
  9. I think it's a little too early to 100% tell do you get such awesome, up close, in focus pics?? I have a pretty decent camera and combined with my magnifying glass it can take a sort of decent pic but nothing like that!
  10. Thanks man. I have an Olympus cam with super macro setting. I can take pics of up close things in hd pretty good camera. I have one female now and I had to do an emergency transplant because she was rootbound. I didnt have enough Fox farm ocean forest so had to cut it with some leftover seed starter i had and some dreaded MG Organic. Slight burn after transplant but everything seems to have leveled out except for the "claw"

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