Is my plant revering back to veg or have i knocked it back a few weeks?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ginner, May 31, 2009.

  1. i check my plants very often and make sure there always bug free and nice and healthy all 6 plants ph are around 6-6.5,,i am noticing with just one of the plants that some of the pistils are slightly brown and the buds have no body to them not dense at all i have been flowering them all for almost 5 weeks.i am wondering if it is reverting back to veg stage?or have i just stressed it and extended its flower time? id also like to add i topped it about a week ago maybe have something to do with it? heres some pics you might have to zoom a little on some :smoking:

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  2. Dude, I don't think you are meant to top them in flowering. I do all my messing about when they are in veg.

    Good luck dude, I think only time will tell.
  3. You don't even wanna top up to a month before inducing flowering. As pruning and topping diffuse floral hormones, flowering is retarded. Your plants will take longer to reach peak maturity. Probally by a few weeks. Sorry dude, :(
  4. ahh thanks for the replys,i know ya not meant to top but the bugger was too tall and unhealthy looking,,im not to arsed if it takes a few weeks longer aslong as my babys ok :D she looks in pristine health,again thanks :D
  5. Next time if you have a height issue while flowering, just bend em over and tie em down, so much better then taking off parts of a healthy plant.
  6. yes your right mate i should of but it was also a chance of another clone i have only managed to root one hehe,,im also thinking of growing another strain any ideas on a nice resistant strain with a good yeild and a powerful stone? ;) thanks for the advice mate much apreciated:D
  7. I think White Rhino would be worth a try. I have a few friends who grow it and they say its one of the easier ones to grow has a good yield and I like the stone. I know a lot of people on this site will suggest Northern Lights, I hear thats a pretty easy strain and it has a good yield, Ive never smoked it before so Im clueless on the high.

    Yea np ginner, feel free to hit me up if you ever have any questions. Peace bro. :smoking:
  8. my friend is currently growing white rhino hes a noob and all is going well for him,,i have just ordered some red dragon feminised seeds after seeing usual suspects mighty fine plants before so them and the freebee seed will be my next grow along with surviving lsd clones,i wanna grow good smoke all the bud round here gets you stoned but its nothing compared to your own hammering cured bud :D again thanks guys :smoking:p.s im so high right now:smoking::smoking::smoking::D
  9. Thanks for the kind words dude I think you are already onto a winner with the LSD dude!

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