is my plant ready to harvest ?

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  1. Hey it’s my first timer growing and I was wondering if I should harvest my plant or not she’s probably about a foot tall!

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  2. What are the flowering times of that particular strain? What week in flower are you currently on? Can you provide some clear close ups of the trichs?
  3. New grower here too, brother. But I’ve done EXTENSIVE research for many many years, and I don’t think she’s ready yet brother. Using a magnifying glass of at least 100x is good to read the trichomes ripeness. But I was taught a good growers trick to tell ripeness is better by just looking at the pistils. When some are still light colored, and sticking straight out of the buds, as this case is, they are not ready. But when they start to recede and darken in color (whether dark red to bright orange depending on the pheno) that’s when they are nearing harvest.
    Trichome clarity are more just a guideline as to which kind of high your buds will give you.
    Clear/Milky trichomes are more straight THC (THC-A /THC-V) and will give you more of a clear headed, somewhat energetic “speedy” buzz.
    While when there are more amber to milky , the THC has degraded into CBN, producing a more sedating high.
    So when harvesting by trichome ripeness,it almost allows you to “ choose” the kind of high you want.
    But harvesting by pistils will tell you overall ripeness.
    If anyone sees I have any misinformation, please, by all means, correct me. But this, from my understanding, is what is the best way to tell your plant is ready or not.
    Hope this helps you on your journey brother!
  4. It’s skywalker og and I’d say about it says it can take up to three months and I’m third week into flowering but a tiny plant it’s three months now and Yea I can

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  5. Hey and that’s dope! Thanks for the info I will def wait longer it’s just a small plant so I thought it would be done by now lol
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  6. 3 months into flower? Dude you still have a ways to go. I know how anxious it can be when growing for the first time, but if it's true that you're just 3 weeks into flower, then yea, she still needs more time. Flowering times for a Skywalker OG is usually 9-10 weeks from what I've read. Unfortunately the pic you provided is a bit blurry. Still though, 3 weeks of flower ain't enough. check back in week 9 flower with clearer trichome pics. Good luck. BTW plant looks good. :thumbsup:
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  7. Ok cool haha I’m mad impatient I’ll post an update in a few weeks and thank you I appreciate it out a lot of love into them!

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