Is my plant ready to harvest?

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  1. Unknown strain 75 days into flowering with 90 watt UFO led and cfls. Does this look mature to you folks? My first grow ever turned out pretty nice!

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  2. Sexy as hell, i would give more time and scope the trichs for best judgment on ripeness.
  3. not long left at all but like he said^ check with a scope but looking good well done
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    1-2 weeks
    cutting now gives you a head high weed
    3 weeks and itll be body high weed
    id now pluck off most(1/3) of the big fan leaves carefully, as not to hurt my plant. never touch the top 2 fan leaves.
    then wait 1 week before putting her in 48 h of darkness before chopping the bitch down
    get fatter and riper nugs :bongin:
    in a week you will be celebrating a nice stoney head high
  5. lookin good, couple more weeks
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm super impressed with this plant despite my low light environment. After this is done I'm getting 1000 watt hps and ventilating it in the same room to grow one monster plant

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  7. Those leaves still look pretty lush. You have time left. Get a scope to check trichomes.
  8. Could anyone give me an estimate about how long mine has left?

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    Thanks :)
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    Dude she looks gorgeous, what strain is she?
  10. I don't know the exact strain name, the seed was just some random bag seed that I've had for quite a while. This is my first grow and everytime someone sees my plant they say it's amazing looking lol i guess I've grown it pretty well.

    The smell is very citrusy kinda like some oranges and lemons with a bit of skunkyness.
  11. She does look nice how long you been growing her? + Have you got like a smartphone or something you can download apps on you should download an app called Leafly it's nice for figuring out strains, plus got a wee grow myself ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413497217.315878.jpg
  12. I've been growing it since around early June.
    How old is yours & strain?
  13. I wish I knew the exact strain mine was too. Such a kill. Well I guess that at means I get to name it. Its definitely sativa and dank lol besides that who knows.

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  14. Early June was she and indoor or outdoor grow, and She 3weeks now and Mango Kush but she is very small for 3 weeks think it's cos I've only got 1 23w CFL on her
  15. Dude if you have a phone that can download load this app called Leafly you can use filter and pick what feelings, smells, taste etc... To narrow your choose or maybe make a specific pick it's not bad
  16. it's been an outdoor plant it's whole life.
  17. It's almost impossible for me to even think of identifying it among the vast array of strains.

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  18. That sounds about right I was hoping to be able to harvest in a about a week but idk I might have to wait it out for a little longer. I'm getting a 40x jewlers loupe by this weekend so I'll be able to check the trichs soon.
  19. well I have to say she is gorgeous wish I could just take her out of that pic and harvest her myself lol

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