Is my plant ready to harvest??? (pics)

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  1. hi all,

    This is my second plant so I'm still pretty new. Looks like about 50-60% of the hairs have turned and curled, but I feel like the buds could swell more. Let me know what you think! Using a giant space bucket with 2 large garbage bins....

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  2. Potentially, yes you could harvest now. I would say she's probably at peak potency( just a guesstimate, lots of variables) so that's good. But if you give her a bit longer, you may yield more.
  3. You need to be checking you trichomes with a jeweler loupe for clear milky or amber trichomes.

    I'd say let them go another 2 weeks and swell up some more, but the trics will give you a definite answer.
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  4. Trichs vs pistols. At some point I'd like to do some research and see if I can find out how the 2 methods compare to each other.

    I used to only use my 420 scope to check trichomes for when to harvest, but the last 4 months I've been going only off of pistol color.

    What's your opinion, if you have one, on this ?
  5. Look like it can go a little longer

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  6. They look good to me. But if you can wait another week to see if they fatten up more. What type of light are you using?
  7. Pistil color is less of an reliable indicator than trichomes in my opinion. Most of the time you will see the pistils turning color first, before the ideal harvest time.

    Bottom line is it's an art not a science. Looking at the pics I'd say that you could leave these go at least 10 days to 2 weeks. The buds look like they could fatten up a bit. They look nice and frosted up and close to finishing, but most of the trichome heads look very clear/cloudy as opposed to amber.

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