is my plant ready to flower?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jayjay5396, Jun 22, 2013.

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    hi i'm new to CFL i have the 250w grow CFL and then the 250w flowering CFL but dunno when to do the change shes a northern lights 31 days old can you let me know when to change over please?

  2. that is entirely up to you bud! i would maybe veg for a couple more weeks and then flip to 12/12.
  3. You can let her veg for a little bit more if you like - Or flip to 12/12 right now.
    Its really up to you - Vegging has no real mandated time (correct me if iam wrong :) ) -- so you can veg for as long as you want.
    Personal choice: Veg for a couple more weeks as zmasterflash already said.
  4. you can veg for years if you wants more ya veg bigger she will be to maximise your plant you wanna do it by height in flower your plant can doubble even tripple in size so at about 1/3height of your space you wanna flower her or she may get to tall for ya grow :)
  5. Are you asking if its flowering right now? or if it can flower right now?
    Of course it can flower right now if thats what your asking
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    Plants can stretch upto 3X their height in flowering so flower when your plant is about 1/3 the height of the grow area you have to work with. Also I wait till about the second week of flowering before switching over to flowering nutes. What breeder is it by? At 31 days old you can flip to flowering anytime you want. Some growers with limited grow space or micro growers start with a 12/12 light cycle from the beginning.
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    yes i am asking if my plant wants to flower, is it the right time to change to the flowering light and nutes. 
    its a nirvana seed i think, and its from rhino. she does have the female hairs just needed to be sure she was big enough to start flowering didnt wanna start her too early :) when i was using HPS i did 12/12 from seed never done using 2 cfl bulbs with the correct times before.
    whats the ideal temps i need? its 25-27c and 41-46% humid at minute is that ok?
    i would like to start a new seed but will it grow under the flowering light? 
    Iam also only using a light that is mostly flowering spectrum (red) and my girls are getting big ladies! :)

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