Is my plant ready 2 harvest??

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  1. Hey fellow Blades, I got a problem. I recently grew a bonsai GDP plant for fun, did not expect it to grow like it did. I'm also a noob and first time grower so I grew it with the help of you guys in GC. The thing is, I want to harvest my little plant when its at its max yield, but i dont know when that is. I bought a pocket microscope and all of the tri's are cloudy and 10% are amber. My plant is 89 days old, Dont know what day in flowering it is. Started 12/12 from seed under a 150W HPS, and grew it on scotts premium potting soil. Use blooming ferts only, home depot kind, and have side lighting from some cfl's. Do you think it would be okay to start cutting buds off the plant or harvesting the plant now? Or should i let it grow a little more? I got only this one plant and its bonsai :/ . Im not a grower just did it to try it out but it turned into this.. and since its only one plant and my only time doing it I want to cut it when its at its highest mass level. Even though i did not plan it out, it still took work and I want to enjoy my rewards. So any help is appriciated, thanks. Peace.

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  2. My suggestion...let it grow a little longer and keep checking it with the scope. Wait for a higher percentage of amber trics.
  3. wait, let the hairs retract.
  4. Use a scope or mag glass to look at the trichoderma.. those are the little resin filled sacks that make the plant glisten. Once you see that some of those are amber in color and most of them a milky color. Some people will say chop at 50/50 amber/milky but the plant still continues to finish once they are cut down so i chop at about 30% amber. So basicly once those little resin sacks u see in ur scope are part milky part amber chop her down..
  5. thanks for advice guys
  6. no prob... and those are some sexy lookin ladies keep it up!!

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