Is my plant okay? Recently put in flower

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  1. Hey guys I know I post a lot but I wanna make sure my babies alright cause you get attached Lol... I recently transitioned to flower about a week and 2 days now into flower everything has been going fine.. But the new growth is looking bad and I don't know why... I used the flora series nutes. Anyone have an idea why this is happening? Feedback would he great

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    Room temps?This guy had a simialr experience:, I think he had a copper issue.
    But just looking, I would tell you to go straight water for the next several feedings but it looks like you are not using a soil medium. My Papaya has only seen water into its 7th week of living in 3 gallons of Happy Frog potting soil and looks awesome (this was a test plant for that kind feeding). She just started to flower a couple days ago, her next feeding will be light nutes. i will gradually increase nutes not to exceed the max recommendation. I will stop at the first sign of nutrient burn and back off to the two levels of nutrient size weaker than where the burn was (if it happens).
    Take a look at zinc,
  3. Thanks for the reply I think it has been getting a Lil chilli so I'm gonna put the heat on if that doesn't work then I have no clue

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  4. temps should be at 24-29 C (75-85 degrees Fahrenheit).
  5. Yeah its been way below that I have changed the heat on hopefully that was the issue

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  6. honestly i dont know whats wrong with your plant but get the temp in check first and then everything else because if she was cold you would see purple branches but not them leaves like
  7. How much are you feeding it? For the most part it looks healthy.

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