IS MY PLANT MALE OR FEMALE or to early to tell

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Budofthenorth, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. I need help! What sex this 2 different plants in pics. But the one with the ball or female preflower is getting white hairs might be to early for the white hairs to.come outa it still

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  2. First picture looks like a female. Second picture is kinda too early to tell
  3. Too early personally.

    But those node leafs are pointing straight up indicating male.... But it's not always try for all plants
  4. The second pic looks male. I don't see how anyone sexed the first plant. That just looks like the top of the place to me. All it is is new growth.
  5. i sexed the first plant because it kinda looked like the plant has hairs but its kinda dark with the lighting
  6. Okay, I just don't see any sex indicators in that.
  7. i agree with Gold at first glance the first pic looks like its developing pistils out of the top, a little hard to tell because of the pink tones in the pic, maybe next time try and take the pic with normal lighting or something like the pic on the right...

    that pic on the right though is still to early to tell for me unless that little lump is the beginning of a pollen sack!
  8. First plant started to get the 2 white hairs everywhere. And the one with the pod has white hairs on the higher up nodes. but non outa that one pod yet. I have 9 plants going i can get more pictures
  9. Nvm to hard to get a pic on it i gotta wait a day or 2

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